If Melissa’s Bag Had The Murder Weapon On ‘Pretty Little Liars,' She May Have More To Do With Charlotte's Murder Than We Thought

I can't say I'm surprised that Melissa Hastings is still hiding things — she did flee from Rosewood as quickly as possible, after all. She left so quickly, in fact, that she forgot her bag in the barn. How does someone even do that? And, unsurprisingly, it seems like Melissa's suitcase might be the murder weapon on Pretty Little Liars — so, did she kill Charlotte? Considering how shifty Melissa was when she thought the press knew about a "tape cover-up" earlier in Season 6b, she definitely doesn't seem innocent. And, again, who leaves their freaking suitcase behind?

When Veronica told Spencer that Melissa's bag was in the barn, I immediately thought there was something weird going on. And the other few times Melissa was mentioned during the episode, it seemed like the circumstances surrounding her departure from Rosewood were kind of sketchy. She misplaced her boarding pass and left her suitcase behind? For someone as calculated as Melissa, those are two things entirely out of character — unless she's doing them on purpose, or if she's being forced into something against her will.

We learned earlier in Tuesday's episode that the murder weapon that killed Charlotte wasn't actually a golf club, but a piece of metal much like the retractable handle of Melissa's rolling suitcase — which, at the end of the episode, was revealed to be missing a weapon-sized piece. There are no coincidences in Rosewood, people. And with Melissa's ties to the N.A.T. club, the fact that she buried Bethany, and her connection to everyone's dream-Big A, Wren, it seems impossible that she had NOTHING to do with Charlotte being murdered. Maybe she didn't do it, but she probably knows who did — which really shouldn't surprise us at all. She's still Melissa Hastings.

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Image: screengrab/Freeform