Will Ana Die On 'Agent Carter'? Whitney Frost Shot Jarvis' Wife & Peggy's Gonna Make Her Pay

Ana Jarvis has been one of my favorite Agent Carter characters well before we ever saw her face, thanks to her husband's stories and praises. So you can imagine how upset I was when Whitney Frost shot Mrs. Jarvis on Agent Carter and almost killed her. She isn't going to die, right?

It seems like Mrs. Jarvis will pull through. She is slated to appear in the rest of the season, at least. We know that Jarvis has to live long enough to raise Tony Stark, presuming the MCU follows that aspect of Marvel comics. The fact that Jarvis' voice is already being used as a security system is alarming (no pun intended) but I think he's probably safe on this series. However, I can't say the same for Ana. Anything could happen.

You could tell that Ana had a bad feeling all during the episode, and it really is unfortunate that she paid the price for it. Whitney at first didn't want to shoot Ana for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. "We're not monsters," she insisted. But then, she ended up shooting her in the gut just to stall Peggy and gain a head start with Dr. Wilkes. How is that any less monstrous?

I did like the quiet moment between Peggy and Jarvis at the end of the episode. Despite their bickering, the two of them dive headfirst into adventures without much thought to the consequences. For goodness sakes, Peggy was positively gleeful that she was walking into a trap! I think they needed this scare, to be honest. Being a hero is all well and good, as long as you protect your nearest and dearest, and Agent Carter isn't going to let us forget it. Hopefully, and especially now that it's personal for Peggy and Jarvis, Whitney Frost is going down.

Image: Patrick Wymore/ABC