This Is Former' Bachelor' Bob Guiney's Relationship Status Now

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are an institution as constant and unchanging as the sky or Beyoncé being amazing. And there have been so many faces that have been on the shows that I don't blame you for losing track of them all over the years, especially if they were from the early seasons. So, what's Bob Guiney's relationship status now? Just to remind you, in case you didn't become a sentient being until his seasons were already off the air, Bob was a contestant on the very first season of The Bachelorette, where he was eliminated by Trista Rehn, but popular enough with the viewing audience that he was given his own shot at being the Bachelor himself, on Season 4.

On that go-around, he distinguished himself in two main ways, first by holding the (maybe still unbroken?) record for having sex with the most contestants, and second for offering his final choice Estella Gardinier a promise ring instead of an engagement ring. I think every other Bachelor has either full-on proposed or forgone the ring, but Bob wanted to make clear to Estella that, although he wasn't ready to commit to marriage, he still wanted to date.

And that was probably a pretty good call on Bob's part, because he and Estella broke up shortly after the show finished airing in November 2003, and went their separate ways into the non-Bachelor world. Just eight months later, he had not only met someone else, but married her — his wedding to All My Children actress Rebecca Budig took place in July 2004. Considering the speed of the courtship, it actually lasted a surprising amount of time; the two stayed together until January 2010, when they announced their split, and then filed for divorce in April of the same year.

And what's he been up to since? Well, the good news is, he seems to have learned how to take his time a little more, and the better news is that he's engaged. The lucky lady is named Jessica Canyon, and they appear to have been dating since at least June 2014, when they took their first Instagram photo together, before Bob popped the question over Labor Day weekend 2015. According to Instagram, their wedding is scheduled for sometime this year, so here's hoping for a slow and steady relationship for these two, with all the lasting power in the world!

Image: ABC/The Bachelor