Kanye West Is Getting Debt Help From Some Seriously Dedicated Fans

The ridiculousness surrounding Kanye West's "personal debt" somehow keeps getting even more ridiculous. For those who haven't heard, West declared via Twitter that he is $53 million in debt and even wants help from Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg. Now, a group of Yeezy's biggest supporters are lending a helping hand. Are you ready for this? There is now a GoFund Me page raising money for Kanye West in hopes of getting the 38-year-old musician and fashion designer out of debt.

The page was started by Jeremy Piatt, who is very dedicated to West and his future. "Recently, Kanye let us in on his personal struggle," he writes on the page. "He is 53 million dollars in debt and it doesn't look like he's going to get Mark Zuckerberg's help that he desperately needs. We must open our hearts and wallets for Kanye today. Sure he is personally rich and can buy furs and houses for his family, but without our help, the true genius of Kanye West can't be realized."

Piatt also clarified that the money donated will not go to his personal bank account. "I'd like to update everyone and let you know that I don't want a penny from this," he shared in an update on the fundraising page. "I would like everything to go to Kanye. Since he is such a high profile public figure, I would prefer to have GoFundMe transfer all funds to his people directly."


As of Wednesday, Feb. 17 at 12:50 p.m., $783 had been raised of the proposed $53 million. That's right, people are actually donating money to West, a previously believed to be wealthy celebrity who reportedly has a net worth of $145 million.

Obviously, West could very well be $53 million in debt. If you aren't aware, his spending habits are beyond excessive. That said, I'm pretty sure a crowd funding campaign is not needed for one of the most famous rappers in the world. Really? Don't you think money could be going toward an actual worthy cause or to those truly in need? I'm pretty sure West can pull himself out of debt himself, not to mention I don't think his "true genius" will be realized with the help of $53 million. If he's a "true genius," a ton or lack of money isn't going to effect that.

At this time, West has not responded to the GoFund Me page set up on his behalf, but I can only imagine how he will react.

With that, you'll have to excuse me while I go pretend all of this is just a really bad dream.


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