Will Fifth Harmony Perform Their New Single Live After The Oscars? The Timing Adds Up

I have never, ever been good at math, but I do know how to add things up. I suppose I can thank my elementary school teachers for that considering that anything mathematical I learned after sixth grade is hazy. Sorry, back on topic. If you didn't know, Fifth Harmony announced the release date for their new single, which is on February 26. And a tweet from LIVE with Kelly and Michael just revealed that Fifth Harmony would be performing on their After Oscars show, which is on February 29th. So, um... does that mean that Fifth Harmony is performing their new single live with Kelly and Michael?

Like I said, it all comes down to addition. If their single is coming out on the 26th and they're performing on the 29th, and one plus one equals two, then... I think it's a pretty safe bet, don't you? Another thing to factor in here is exposure. I mean, even Beyoncé herself dropped a single and then performed it soon after, and did so on a major scale. Sure, Fifth Harmony aren't quite Bey-level yet to headline something as big as the Super Bowl, but performing on an After Oscars show will hype them up for sure. It's just a good idea all around.

OK, so technically, the tweet from Kelly and Michael says the girls will be, "at" the show and not that they'd be performing, per say, but come on. How can you have a group of insanely talented singers and not have them sing?! Especially when they have, or will have, new music out at the very same time. You can't. At least, I don't think so. But, that said, what is the mystery single the girls will be performing? As Bustle previously inferred, it could very well be one supposedly called, "Get Up Again," which was sorta, kinda leaked.

Listen, whatever the song may be, we definitely have a decent chance of hearing it on Kelly and Michael. So, keep your ears open and your DVRs recording, peeps.