Ways To Keep Your Jewelry In Line

You're getting ready to put the finishing touches on your outfit and head out the door, but when you go to your jewelry box you can't find the one piece you were planning to wear, or worse, it's tangled beyond recognition. It's why ways to keep your jewelry organized are actually important — if not just insanely helpful.

And I know — keeping jewelry organized might not seem like it should rank all that high on your list of life priorities, but take it from someone who has wasted literally hours of my life detangling a necklace: it will save you time and a lot of frustration in the long run. Plus, the cool thing about any organizational system is that ultimately you create more time for yourself to focus on the things that you actually do find important, because less of your time is taken up by unnecessary and time-consuming tasks, like looking for that other earring that you know you just saw.

Not to mention, keeping your jewelry organized often save space, helps remind you of what you actually own, and in most cases, just looks nice. If you’re reaching your wit’s end with your current jewelry set up, don’t worry — here are nine items that should help.

1. DIY Chicken Wire Board

Darcie's Cling Background Mounted Rubber Stamps Chicken Wire, $5, Amazon

This DIY accessory board from DIY expert Sada Lewis is super easy to make and just requires a new or used frame, some chicken wire (which she says you can get at Home Depot), and a staple gun. And voila! With a little cutting and stapling you have a cool board with a TON of storage space for everything from earrings to sunglasses.

2. Necklace Tree

Brown Jewelry Display Tree, $49, Amazon

Necklace trees are awesome because they not only put all of your items on display — meaning that you'll probably use them more — but they look super pretty. My personal favorites are the ones that look like actual branches.

3. Ring Bowl

Molly Hatch Umbrella Ring Dish, $8.00,

Ring bowls are one of those incredibly simply concepts that you'll wonder why you never tried sooner. They offer a convenient place to keep all your rings, and can look incredibly cute on their own, like the above ceramic umbrella dish from Anthropologie.

4. A Simple Ring Tray

Ring Tray Organizer, $13, Amazon

If a ring bowl isn't your thing, or you just have too many rings for it to really be of use, then you may want to try a simple ring tray. They may not be as aesthetically pleasing, but they're super cost efficient and definitely get the job done.

5. Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Pocket Jewelry Organizer, $13, Amazon

I freaking love hanging jewelry organizers because I'm the kind of person who totally forgets what I own when it's stored away in drawers or opaque containers, and this particular kind of storage keeps everything super visually accessible. Plus it saves space on your actual dresser.

6. Mirror Storage

Mirrored White Jewelry Cabinet, $133, Amazon

Full length mirror storage is super convenient for saving space (especially if you already have a standing mirror and are just looking to replace it). It also means all your accessories are within an arm's reach when perfecting your outfit.

7. Stud Display

Earrings Display Showcase Stand, $2, Amazon

The thing about most jewelry organizers is that they're great for hanging items, but they don't necessarily provide you with space for studs (which is annoying if you're someone like me, who loves studs and who also constantly misplaces them). That's why a simple stud display will seriously change your life. And bonus, they're usually super cheap.

8. Over-The-Door Organizer

Over-The-Door Jewelry Organizer In Bronze, $60, Amazon

This is a great alternative to the plastic hanging organizer — especially if you want your organizer to double as an actually aesthetically pleasing piece. Plus, it just holds a ton.

9. Wooden Hook Board

Magical Thinking Vintage-Inspired Wooden Jewelry Organizer, $49.00,

Repurposing an old board with hooks makes for an awesome necklace holder, and Urban Outfitters even makes a board especially for jewelry if you want to find one fast. And while it definitely doesn't hold as many pieces as the previous item on the list, it's perfect if you prefer a more rustic look.

Jewelry should never be a time suck, and you should never leave the house not wearing something you wanted just because you couldn't find it. Just invest in a few basic pieces and voila — your jewelry is organized and accessible with almost zero effort on your part.