How To Throw An Italian Feast For Your Friends

There is a common misconception that you can only throw a really great dinner party if you're an excellent cook. This is simply not true. I don't care how "bad" you think you are in the kitchen, there are so many simple, easy-to-follow recipes that you can absolutely handle — and that taste so, so good. And because no food genre is more crowd-pleasing than Italian, this is exactly the mentality behind the menu we've devised here for throwing the ultimate Italian feast for your friends. Nothing's better than bringing some of your favorite people together, sharing a bottle of wine, and enjoying some really excellent food together. And if that sounds daunting, bear with me.

There is absolutely no shame in accepting a little bit of help in the kitchen. Which is exactly why we've partnered with DIGIORNO Pizza, aka the secret to making your job way easier without sacrificing that fresh-baked quality. Your friends will never know you cheated when they smell that pizza in your oven and it comes out effortlessly perfect. And the side dishes we've laid out might taste impressive, but they're actually super simple to prepare, and will fill out your feast to maximum effect.

Here are the stress-free, tasty dishes to round out your Italian dinner party:

The Perfect Loaded Thin Crust Pizza

In under 20 minutes, you can serve hot from the oven pizzas loaded with all of your favorite fresh ingredients. Popping in a DIGIORNO pizzeria!® THIN Supreme Speciale and Margherita will cover all of your bases — meat-lovers and veggie-lovers, rejoice.

The Ultimate Italian Chopped Salad

Meatballs Marinara


This post is sponsored by DIGIORNO® Pizza, which helps you rise to every occasion, including Italian feasts.

Images: Tina Gong/ Bustle