Which ‘90s Pop Star Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Oh, the ‘90s. For me, they were filled with all things magical and wonderful: Pop stars, mood rings, epic movies, and a total obsession with all things astrology. So, with '90s nostalgia at an all time high now, I just had to combine all of my favorite elements from the ‘90s in a perfect list form. Which is why determining the pop star you are most like based on your zodiac sign is totally right up my alley. I mean, remember the pop stars of the ‘90s? There were such huge differences between them, and whether or not you preferred Christina or Britney could make or break you in your social circle and with some of your closest friends. Because those allegiances meant something. They didn’t just define who you liked, they defined who you were. And chances are who you were — and what sign you were born under — largely influenced which pop star were like the most.

There must be something about liking people who are the most like yourself that has something to do with it, because chances are you were into the pop star who most resembled your values and interests. And what is a bigger determinant of your values and interests than your astrological sign?

Answer: Nothing.

So in case you’ve been dying to know which ‘90s pop star you really are based on your zodiac sign, look no further than this ultimate list.

Christina Aguilera — Aries

Steve Jennings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You are determined and demanding, which is why, when Aguilera became Xtina in the early ‘00s, you were all about the personality shift.

Mandy Moore — Taurus


You tend to gravitate toward things that are stable and secure, which is why you are totally the one ‘90s pop star who was relatively stable when it came to her image.

Britney Spears — Gemini


Are you an angel or a devil? Sane or insane? Sweet or spicy? I don’t know, Gemini, and neither did Britney Spears throughout her long reign as a pop princess.

Fiona Apple — Cancer


You are intense and impulsive and probably spent the ‘90s feeling all kinds of angsty. I feel you, Cancer. I do.

Gwen Stefani — Leo


You’re loyal to a fault, Leo, but there isn’t any shame in your game.

Sheryl Crow — Virgo


Analytical and reflective, Virgos love to think deeply about things — which is why Sheryl Crow is totally your ‘90s pop star.

Posh Spice — Libra


Be real. We all know you’re obsessed with beauty and perfection, just like the Spice Girls star.

Courtney Love — Scorpio


Scorpio, you are passionate and intense, but you are stubborn as all get out, just like this ‘90s star who refused to give in to the establishment.

Tracy Chapman — Sagittarius


You love keeping things moving, which is why the singer who sang about fast cars is definitely the one who defines you best.

Jessica Simpson — Capricorn


You never stop trying, Capricorn, which is why this pop princess (who was never afraid to try something new to keep her career going — movies, reality television, etc.) is totally you.

Madonna — Aquarius


Above all else, Aquarius, you are a humanitarian. You’re also crazy insightful, which is why Madonna suits your personality perfectly.

Jewel — Pisces


You’re deep and imaginative, Pisces. Sometimes that can make you a little indecisive, but mostly that makes me someone the world is drawn to. Kind of like Jewel and her heartfelt songs.

There really is no limit to what you can do with this life-changing information. Now, go forth and share your astrological soul mate from the ‘90s with the world.

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