Consider This Major 'Gilmore Girls' Theory

More and more familiar faces keep returning to Stars Hollow every day, but Sutton Foster remains the only new confirmed cast member in the Gilmore Girls revival. Unfortunately, there is no news on who Foster's Gilmore Girls character will be and how she will fit into the show. TVLine brought up the theory that Foster could play her beloved Bunheads ' character Michelle, because Bunheads was also written by Amy Sherman-Palladino — but, should she be playing someone original, who will that be?

Personally, I think it is safe to say Foster will play someone new. The big question is, though, who? Lorelai's new BFF, maybe or perhaps the unexpected love interest of a returning character? While there's no way of knowing for sure just yet, I did a little sleuthing myself, and here's a fun fact for you: thanks to Milo Ventimiglia sharing a photo of an episode script, fans know Foster will likely appear in an episode alongside Matt Czuchry's Logan, Ventimiglia's Jess, and maybe even Jared Padalecki's Dean. Padalecki's name wasn't visible on the script, but in a (quite frankly adorable) Facebook video, Padalecki revealed he is heading back to Stars Hollow to begin filming an unspecified amount of episodes on Friday, February 19. Considering that, in an interview with Philadelphia Magazine, Foster revealed she would begin filming in March, it doesn't seem too far-fetched to think Foster might end up in the same episode as not only Logan and Jess, but also Dean.

And, furthermore, it doesn't seem too farfetched to theorize that she could end up being one of Rory's old beaus' new significant other. She will more than likely be appearing onscreen alongside Czuchry and Ventimiglia — it's totally possible. So, if Foster's character is going to be involved with Logan, Dean, or Jess, here's what it could mean for her character and Rory's love life.

If Foster's Character Is With Dean...

The last time anyone saw Dean, he was in a terrible place. After his final breakup with Rory he was aimless, bitter, and lacking any ambition. It was a bummer. Padalecki is bringing Dean back for an unspecified amount of episodes, and I, for one, hope he is finally over Rory. Dean and Foster's character could be a quippy, amazingly tall duo who live life to the fullest together. Maybe she pushes him to try new things and be his best self, while he encourages her to pursue her love of dance. They could be perfect together, and it would only be a little strange that she was way more like Lorelai than she was Rory.

If Foster's Character Is With Logan...

If Foster's character is with Logan, then expect her to be a free spirit who his parents hate, and she absolutely doesn't care. She could be the woman who flits in and out of Logan's life on her own terms, and maybe he is a little bit in love with her, but he would never admit it. Rory will love her instantly because she has a rebel spirit and she drives Logan nuts. If Logan and Rory are endgame, I doubt Foster's character would stand in their way — unless she is playing completely against type as Logan's rich, socialite first wife. Strangers things have happened.

If Foster's Character Is With Jess...

Brace yourselves, Jess and Rory fans. Ventimiglia is set to appear in three episodes of the Gilmore Girls revival, and, as we've already established, at least one of those episodes will also feature Foster. If Jess is involved with her character, then it has to be serious. Jess' growth arc is a huge deal. He is very much a man now, and I can see him being in an adult relationship with a slightly older, artsy woman — his editor, perhaps — and being freaked out by the prospect of settling down. He could turn to Rory out of fear, out of a desire to see what might of been, and maybe as a way to close the door on their relationship.

Here's the thing: Ventimiglia will be in three episodes, and the series is going to have four total. So, if the last episode is the one he is sitting out, I wouldn't be surprised if he is in a serious relationship with someone who isn't Rory, but looks a lot like Foster.

There are other options for Foster too, including being Lorelai's new best friend, a character named Michelle who wanders in from out of town, or maybe even Luke's new wife or girlfriend. Don't rule out the potential for Foster to woo one of the younger Gilmore guys though — you have to admit, it would make for one unexpected, but not unwelcome twist.

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