Behold The Glory Of These Decadent Donuts

I pride myself for reporting on life-changing Internet stories that readers will enjoy and treasure. Stories like The Doughnut Shop's doughnuts that are roughly the size of a small baby head and taste like what I imagine unicorn smiles taste like. These doughnuts are a gift from the sugary fairies that have gotten fed up with stealing your baby teeth. No more, they said. It's time for a change. No more gross teeth being collected in the dead of night, it's time to make adults and children happy by giving them a volleyball-sized sugar pillow to munch on. #sugaryheaven.

Leave it to Australia to out-create America in the gigantic saccharin treat department. If I lived on a continent that had some of the world's deadliest creatures, I would do the exact same thing. Like they say β€” you never know when a giant wombat will strike, better store up on those humongous doughnuts while I still can. I mean, I don't know if anyone actually says that, but I will continue using it as an excuse.

These delicious deserts are the products of Brisbane's Doughnut Time shop. With their first birthday coming up, the company decided to let local bakers create variations of their signature glazed doughnuts. The results were amazing. People really went all out to come up with eye-pleasing and mouth-watering designs. A for effort, you guys! Seriously! These doughnuts are worthy of a museum display. In fact, I would love to organize a gallery opening for these bad-boys (as long as I get to sample the goods).

Just look at the design of their carry-out boxes:

I may never know if this was a conscious effort by Doughnut Time's marketing team, but doesn't that design remind you of a Tiffany's box? It's mint green colored and contains something a little more stomach-pleasing then a five carrot diamond ring β€” a puffy piece of sweet dough with a hole in it. Incidentally, you can also wear doughnuts as rings. I wouldn't mind someone proposing with that, not one bit.

The designs for Doughnut Time's challenge have been spectacular. I mean it. These doughnuts look like works of art that I can eat at home. What more do you really want?

If I was throwing a wedding together and didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a wedding cake, I would enlist whoever did the bottom doughnut design as soon as possible. I mean, these are incredible.

You might be wondering how Doughnut Time's actual doughnuts hold up against these creations. Spoiler alert: they hold up and then some. I'm going to include more fantastic creations below as a treat (see what I did there) for you. You can look up more by using the #DTProject on Instagram.

If you ever find yourself in Australia, drop whatever tourist plan you came up with and stop by the closest Doughnut Time location. You will not be disappointed.

Image: doughnuttime/Instagram