9 Sneaky Ways To Cover A Hickey

With winter at its peak and spring around the corner, February is high time for cuddle buddies. If you’ve found one and have been getting all kinds of extra cozy lately, you might want to test out these unexpected ways to cover a hickey. Instead of simply applying tons of foundation and hoping for the best, these alternatives are a little more offbeat.

After experiencing my first hickey and horribly messy French kiss at thirteen-years-old with a boy whose nickname was “Risk” (I know, what even), I’ve had more than a few years to master the art of covering hickeys. I generally always to try to employ a “Below the collarbone, OK?” hickey rule, but sometimes things happen. And better yet, sometimes things happen the night before oh, I don’t know, meeting your parents for brunch in 90 degree Texas weather or the morning of a giant job interview.

When you’ve found yourself in a pinch and cannot handle another day of ineffectively coating yourself in foundation or wearing that same turtleneck yet again, these ways to cover a hickey are here to help. From certain makeup hacks to masterful accessorizing, no one will think twice.

1. Choker

Daniella Velvet Choker, $14.99,

#Praise that this '90s trend is back and ready to hide your bite mark.

2. Button Up

Studio Cape Tunic, $37.45, Nordstrom

Too hot for a turtleneck? Just reach for a button up shirt and, yes, button that baby all the way up.

3. Green Tint Concealer

Mint Color Correcting Fluid, $28, Urban Decay

If your hickeys tend to bruise more red, balance it out with green tint concealer before a little powder to blend.

4. Yellow Tint Concealer

Yellow Color Correcting Fluid, $28, Urban Decay

Alternatively, if your bruises tend to turn purple, opt for a super yellow concealer.

5. Foundation Powder

Original Broad Spectrum Powder, $28, Amazon

I don't really have science to back me up here, but I swear powder foundations just work better at hiding hickeys. My forever #1 is Bare Minerals.

6. Really Long Earrings

Peacock Feather Earrings, $27.00, FeatherPixie

Consider this the perfect excuse to buy those feather earrings you've been wanting.

7. Hair Extensions

One Piece Clip In Extensions, $12.99, CutieChocolate

Desperate hickey times call for drastically unconventional covering measures.

8. Bandana Scarf

Printed Bandana Scarf, $23.99, Shevitza

A thick scarf might seem a little suspect if the weather is warm, but a cute bandana? No one will notice!

9. Poppin’ That Collar

Polo, $48, Abercrombie & Fitch

Get all kinds of preppy and pop that collar.

Images: Courtesy of Brands