Marnie & Ray Have A New Obstacle On 'Girls'

Despite the many red flags on the way to the aisle, it happened. Marnie married Desi on Girls , and Ray had to sit there and watch what was possibly the most insufferable wedding ceremony, ever. (We didn't actually see the wedding ceremony, but I assume Marnie and Desi sang their vows acoustically.) At the top of Season 5 of Girls, Marnie is getting married! And everyone, literally everyone, seems miserable. The number one grump in the room? Ray, who should be with Marnie even though he doesn't have that whole John Mayer-thing going for him... which honestly might be a good thing.

Marnie's wedding, despite being wrong in the first place because it is with Desi, has a ton of issues roadblocking it from actually happening. The episode starts with Marnie worrying that it will rain on her outdoor wedding — a bad omen she believes. Jessa reminds her that rain is actually supposed to signify fertility, which Marnie ignores. She also seems to ignore all of the other bad things that happen the day of the wedding: terrible hair and even worse makeup, Desi's cold feet (which, in her defense, she was blissfully unaware of), and the fact that no one is happy around her.

OK, she was kind of aware of that last one.

In the season premiere episode, we learn that Desi is Julia Roberts 2.0 in Runaway Bride, except this is the 2016 version of the movie and Julia Roberts is played by a musical hopeful who has been engaged eight times (including Marnie). The fun part of that discovery is that Marnie is, once again, completely unaware of it. According to Desi's friend — who was dressed in what can only be described as a Les Miserables costume — engagements are kind of Desi's "thing."

When Desi gets cold feet and runs into a pond — very on-brand — Ray, of all people, goes after him. He shakes Desi back to reality (or as much reality as Desi knows), because, as Ray expressed earlier to Fran, the love of his life (Marnie) was marrying Desi and he doesn't have the guts to stop her.

But maybe, just maybe, there's hope. After all, there's no way Desi and Marnie are end game material, right? These two have been doomed since the moment Desi slid the ring meant for his ex-girlfriend Clementine on Marnie's hand. Unfortunately, someone is going to have to step up if we actually want Ray and Marnie to get together. Now that Marnie's married, that possibility seems even further in the distance, despite the fact that I feel it's lingering on everyone's tongue.

Hannah wouldn't say it, but I will: You've made a huge mistake, Marnie.

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