The 'RHOMelbourne' Cast's Net Worth Is Impressive

The Real Housewives Of Melbourne is returning for its third season on Bravo and along with it comes the promise of some seriously luxurious lifestyles in the Down Under area of Australia. The RHOMelbourne ladies don't mess around. They bring the drama and they bring it while wearing shoes that are probably worth more than my car is worth. I really wish I was exaggerating but, alas, I am not. All of the Real Housewives are rolling in serious financial security, and they wear their bank accounts on their sleeves (and feet). So, what is The Real Housewives Of Melbourne cast's net worth?

Well, if you're dying to know, luckily the information is out there regarding estimations of how much these ladies have in their designer wallets. The numbers are insanely impressive. Now it makes sense how they are able to live the amazingly lavish lives that they portray on the show. Yachts, fancy parties, and copious bottles of über expensive champagne all cost a pretty penny. But, to these women, these purchases seem like just another easy expense. So, take a look at how they are able to live their luxurious lives without even batting a designer eyelash.

Chyka Keebaugh

Chyka is allegedly worth $40 million, according to CelebrityNetworth. That amount would make sense considering she is the owner of three different businesses, according to her Bravo bio. She owns The Big Group, a catering and event company, The Design Depot, a hiring company, and Capital Kitchen.

Janet Roach

According to CelebrityNetworth, Janet is worth approximately $25 million. In addition to her reality television stardom, according to news.com.au she has a "self-made property development empire." I don't know about you, but I have a feeling empires make a lotta cash.

Pettifleur Berenger

According to CelebrityNetworth, Pettifleur's net worth an estimated $10 million. According to her Bravo bio, she also runs a property development business, plus she's the author of a book!

Gina Liano

CelebrityNetworth lists Gina's net worth as an estimated $10 million, which makes total sense considering she's a high-powered lawyer representing big clients, according to her Bravo bio.

Jackie Gillies

According to CelebrityNetworth, Jackie's net worth is approximately $2 million. She's known for her work as a psychic. Which, apparently, is a lucrative business.

Gamble Breaux

Her Bravo bio lists her as an art consultant when she isn't being a reality personality, and, according to CelebrityNetworth, she has a net worth of around $2 million.

Susie McLean

The Season 3 addition doesn't have a reported net worth, but she loves showing off her fine threads and items on Instagram, so she likely makes a pretty penny herself!

Clearly these ladies are doing alright for themselves. I don't think we have to wonder anymore how they afford the over the top decadence that they show us every week. We can, however, still be jealous.