Who Made The 'Idol' Top 14?

Well, American Idol fans, it's official — you have your Top 14. While I don't necessarily agree with the way the Top 24 eliminations were done this season, the verdict is in and the American Idol Season 15 Top 14 have been named. Overall, the list includes many favorites, but there are some that are noticeably missing. Some surprising names that aren't on the list? Shelbie Z and Amelia Eisenhauer, who were both eliminated in tonight's Top 24 solo rounds.

Idol did things a little backwards this season. Instead of allowing the Top 24 to compete against each other, they split them in to two separate groups. There's no reasoning behind how or why these groups were made, but they were made nonetheless, and it all seems a bit unfair. Tonight's group was certainly the more talented of the two. Even though their solo round performances were subpar, they made up for it in their duet performances. There were many artists from tonight that deserved a pass through to the Top 14, but unfortunately only 7 got the chance to advance. This is completely opposite from last week's group, who had a hard time showing off in both rounds. There are a few contestants from last week who deserved to go home, but stayed due to the sheer fact that they were the best in their round. If the two groups had competed together, there's no doubt the Top 14 would look different.

So who did make it to the Top 14? Brace yourselves, here we go — From last week, La'Porsha Renae, Sonika Vade, Avalon Young, Giana Isabella, Thomas Stringfellow, MacKenzie Bourg, and Jeneve Rose Mitchell; and from this week, Lee Jean, Olivia Rox, Manny Torres, Jenn Blosil, Dalton Rappatoni, Tristan McIntosh and Trent Harmon. A solid group, for sure, though I'd really like to see Shelbie Z and Amelia Eisenhauer on there, too. There's no doubt an amazing winner among this Top 14, and I can't wait to see who it is.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX