Who Is Ashley Darby's Mom On 'Real Housewives Of Potomac'? The Star & Her Mother Are Extremely Close

There seems to be a trend with any Real Housewives franchise where the younger women in the group are welcomed with a bit more skepticism. Well, Ashley Darby of Real Housewives of Potomac has done a pretty good job at not letting that get to her. Her optimism is possibly influenced by her upbringing, which we'll see a bit more of on Sunday's episode when Ashley's mom comes to RHOP .

In the preview for Sunday's episode, viewers see Ashley and her mother having, what appears to be, a heart-to-heart where Ashley appears to want to help her mom. Ashley's mom, whose name is Sheila Matthews, says that she likes to make her own way, appearing to say thanks, but no thanks, to Ashley's help.

Accord to Ashley's Bravo bio and her Instagram, the two women have a close relationship. In her RHOP bio, Bravo says that Ashley, the oldest of her family, worked multiple jobs growing up to help support her single mother and siblings. Even when she went to college, Ashley reportedly continued to bartend on the side to keep both her and her family stable.

It would seem that maybe this idea of Ashley previously assisting her family might make its way back onto the show. Ashley seems like someone who would always do the most to help anyone who she loves, and her mom is probably at the top of that list.

Ashley's social media is cluttered with photos of her and her mom — clearly a very proud daughter.

The Washington Post recently interviewed Ashley and her husband Michael, as well as including Ashley's mother. According to the article, Matthews defended Ashley's reasonings for joining Real Housewives of Potomac , noting they're not all relating to money (or promoting her new restaurant). Matthews told The Post, "Ashley's doing this show because she wants people to know it's not easy, living... Everyone has their own personal struggles," she said. "Even though she's really blessed, I think she really wants everyone to know that."

It seems that both women are very supportive of the other. We'll hopefully see more of that when Ashley's mom joins her daughter on the show for a little mother-daughter time.