Harry Styles, a Teen No More

A very happy 20th birthday to Harry Styles! As of Feb. 1, the marvelously-coiffed One Direction cutie is a card-carrying member of the 20-something club. No longer chilling in that strange “technically an adult, but still a teen” limbo that best describes ages 18 and 19, he’s a bonafide grownup!

How does a member of a tremendously famous boy band celebrate turning 20? Allegedly, “not-girlfriend” Kendall Jenner will be taking him to Bruce Jenner’s vacation home in Big Sur. Oo! Fancy! Sounds so "not-romantic!" Additionally, with the help of Styles's pal Nick Grimshaw, Kendall is throwing him a party. Whoa. Big Sur AND a party? She’s so sweet, that Kendall. Mind you, this isn't going to be your run-of-the-mill bday celebration at the Santa Monica Buca di Beppo. No, no. That’d be too easy. Instead, the party will be in London. WHOA. That Kendall is putting in some serious work for her "not-boyfriend's" big 2-0.

I can’t compete with Kendall (I don't have a vacation house and I wouldn't know where to begin with organizing a bash in the UK)...but I can pretend to have a GIF conversation with Styles. I put the GIF in "gift." (Woof, Rohwedder. WOOF.) Happy birthday Harry Styles, in GIFs? Oh yes. Let us begin:

Happy birthday, Harry! YOU’RE SOOOOO OLD!

One Direction? More like One Million Years Old Direction.

I’m KIDDING. You aren’t old at all. Also? "One Million Years Old Direction" is an incredibly lame joke. Sorry about that.

You and me both. My jokes are the worst. Anyway, I hear you’ll be celebrating in Big Sur with Kendall Jenner and in London with friends.

Oh, shoot. Did I spoil the surprise? I assumed you knew. Sorry. Uh... speaking of Kendall Jenner, what’s this I read about your not-relationship with your not-gf causing problems for the band? Is One Direction going to break up?!?

Are you going solo?!

You're right, you're right. I'm a dork for asking. I should’ve realized that it was just another dumb rumor.

You said it. So you and the dudes are cool?

Hooray! What's that you say? You want a piece of "being in your 20s" advice? Uh… um... OH! I've got it. Don’t expect turning 20 to cure your acne. Acne is not a “teen thing.” It can be a forever thing.

Ah, right. Why am I talking to you about zits? Your skin is flawless.

Well, happy birthday, Harry.

You keep doing you.

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