What Has Ted Cruz "Lied" About? His Republican Rivals Are Taking Aim At The Texas Senator

Everyone knows politics can get dirty, especially as the presidential race nears closer to the general election in November. Donald Trump has been the token bully on the Republican side, often calling his opponents mean names and publicly attacking news moderators like Megyn Kelly. Recently, though, the cutthroat attacks have centered around Ted Cruz; over the last week, Marco Rubio and Trump accused Cruz of being dishonest. Questioning Cruz's trustworthiness could be Rubio and Trump's strategy to weaken his campaign before the South Carolina primary, but it's not entirely clear. So why is everyone calling Ted Cruz a liar?

At the GOP debate in South Carolina, Rubio questioned whether Cruz could even speak Spanish. (Turns out, Cruz can indeed speak Spanish.) In fact, it was at this same debate that Rubio first called Cruz a liar, which sparked the whole name-calling controversy and encouraged Trump to join in. In the week leading up to the South Carolina primary, Cruz released ads that distorted where Rubio and Trump stand on certain conservative issues, like abortion, immigration, and healthcare.

During the Iowa caucuses, Cruz's campaign seemingly told voters that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race, and Trump claimed that unfairly helped Cruz secure his first-place finish. Later, Cruz apologized to Carson.

Rubio Defends His Record On Immigration

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During an interview on Fox News Sunday, Cruz questioned Rubio's position on immigration. Specifically, Cruz said that Rubio supports "amnesty for all criminals who are here illegally," which the Texas Senator also highlighted in his recent ad that juxtaposed Rubio and Obama on immigration policy. In his interview, Cruz stated what he called "facts" about Rubio's position that weren't entirely true:

According to FactCheck.org, Cruz is lying about these claims against Rubio. Although Rubio once co-sponsored a bipartisan immigration bill, he never said he wants amnesty for all immigrants, especially criminals; rather, Rubio wants amnesty for immigrant children who were brought to the United States illegally by their parents. In an effort to defend himself, Cruz has brushed off the accusations that he is a liar by denying the allegations in an interview with "Fox and Friends" on Monday, Feb 15:

Cruz attacked Rubio on more than just immigration: In one week Cruz distorted facts about Rubio's record on same-sex marriage and on Planned Parenthood. In the end, though, Rubio had the last word at the GOP town hall hosted by CNN on Feb. 17, saying:

Trump Defends His Aversion To Obamacare

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Just before the Iowa caucuses, Cruz publicly accused Trump of supporting Obamacare. However, throughout the 2016 elections, Trump has remained adamantly against Obama's health care plan. During his appearance on Meet the Press at the end of January, Cruz claimed otherwise, saying that Trump's stance on healthcare is similar to the Democrats' views:

In order to clear the air, Trump focused on Cruz's allegation at one of his speeches in New Hampshire. "I have been opposed to Obamacare since the day they conceived it," Trump said. "I've never heard a human being lie so much; he lies about everything."

Not only did Trump call Cruz a liar on Twitter, but he also sent out a press release and held a follow-up press conference on Feb. 15 that outlined all of Cruz's alleged lies. Specifically, according to Trump, Cruz has allegedly lied about where Trump stands on appointing a new Supreme Court Justice, upholding the Second Amendment, and being pro-life. Regarding health care, Trump once again clarified his staunch views on repealing it:

Cruz promptly responded, saying that "ethics matter," and he dismissed the lies being thrown around. He went on to say that Rubio and Trump are "repeatedly putting forth fabrications with no evidence, no basis whatsoever, just trying to throw mud and attack." Cruz added, "The insults and the falsehoods and the fabrications have no business in politics. It is incumbent upon all of us to speak the truth."