Angela Bassett's 'American Horror Story' Season 6 Return Leaves Fans With One Big Question: Who Will She Play?

Big news, everyone: On Friday, Angela Bassett confirmed American Horror Story Season 6 will not go on without her, after months of speculation. Of course there were the rumors that she would be coming back for another season, but this time Bassett confirmed the news herself during an interview with Larry King on Larry King Now. And, of course, this news has me instantly wondering: who will Bassett play on Season 6 of American Horror Story? Because her past characters have been some pretty wild… well… figures on the show. Not that that is any surprise, of course — most of the characters on American Horror Story are larger than life when it comes to personality or appearance.

Well, just who Bassett will play on Season 6 largely depends on where Season 6 will be set.

Of course, the creators of the show are being very quiet about that, leaving fans to speculate and theorize on where Season 6 of American Horror Story will take place. One thing that seems possible: A confined space. Putting characters in a place where they can’t easily escape from is Scary Story Writing 101, after all, and some fan theories based on that information include a cruise ship or a cult. Both ideas sound like amazing settings and like they could play very directly into Bassett’s potential character.


Because the other thing that seems to happen with American Horror Story is that, when an actor returns for an additional season, they play completely different characters. Look at Sarah Paulson, who first played psychic Billie Dean Howard, then journalist Lana Winters, and later a witch named Cordelia Foxx. Talk about two completely different people!

So, if I were to venture a guess as to who Bassett will be playing in Season 6 of American Horror Story, I would guess that she plays someone very different from her past three roles: These include Marie Laveau, voodoo queen, in Season 3, Desiree Dupree, three-breasted performer, in Season 4, and Ramona Royale, actress, in Season 5. Based on her past performances, I wouldn’t be surprised in Bassett played a character on the opposite end of the spectrum, one who was classy, uptight, and far from the other people she has already played on the show.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed as far as who she will play on the show, but the one thing I do know for sure is that, whoever she ends up playing on Season 6, it’s going to be good. Because no one creates characters like Ryan Murphy does, and nobody has the talent and range that Bassett has.