How To Copy Ashley Benson's 'Stravy' Hair & Bold Lip Look From NYFW — PHOTOS

There's no doubt we've all wanted to copy Ashley Benson's hair and makeup from her Pretty Little Liars character Hanna Marin, but I would argue that her look is even more enviable off-screen. The blonde actor posted a stunning look to her Instagram account on Thursday before the Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 show yesterday, leaving me wondering how to copy Ashley Benson's "stravy" hair and bold lip look.

While Benson tends to stick to somewhat wild waves on Pretty Little Liars, she looked absolutely stunning at the NYFW show, wearing her hair "stravy" (read: straight and wavy) with a bold red lip and a classic cat eye — the beauty uniform of a true fashionista. I don't know about you, but I want to try and recreate this look ASAP!

If you want to copy Benson's New York Fashion Week look, I'll walk you through how to get your hair just right and how to nail her perfect cranberry lip. Obviously, I turned to YouTube to find the best of the best for each part of her look, so all you have to do now is watch.

In case you missed it, here's the look I've been talking about:

Those cat eyes are to die for, right?! OK, here's what you need to replicate it...

1. Not-So-Perfectly Straight Hair

The key to making your hair look like Ashley's is leaving the straightening iron out of the equation. My guess is her stylist created a gently tousled bedhead look, which is actually pretty easy to do! Once it starts to fall a little bit, you'll get a "stravy" look like hers — almost like you woke up like that!

The best part? There are heatless ways to create the look that require minimal maintenance — all you have to do is go to sleep and let your hair do the work. Since most of us don't always have the time to artfully create bends in our hair, Rachel breaks down the how-to in her bedhead hair tutorial above.

2. A Matte Foundation

(VirginN Pure Minerals Foundation,

One of the first things you'll notice looking at Ashley's Instagram photo is that her skin looks flawless. Thanks to matte foundation, you can even out your skin tone and stay shine-free all night.

My personal favorite is VirginN Pure Minerals Foundation and Flawless finish powder duo. The product melts right into the skin, leaving you with a subtle glow and perfectly even skin tone. Since the product was developed by estheticians, it'll give you the coverage you want while still letting your skin breathe. Fun fact: If you wet the brush, you can also use the minerals as a liquid concealer!

3. A Flawless Cat Eye

If you look at Ashley's eye makeup, you'll notice that it's concentrated on the top lid. Her eyeliner line is thick and it's winged but not too far out, which really helps open up her eyes! In just three minutes, Pin Up Beauty breaks down everything you need to know about creating the perfect cat eye — even if you're a beginner!

To open up the eyes even more, consider using a white liner on the bottom waterline. This will make the white of the eye appear larger, which will help make your eyes look bigger overall! And if you want to make your eyes look absolutely amazing, use a highlighter on the inner corners as well. Benefit's Watts Up Cream-to-Powder Highlighter is one of the best.

4. False Lashes

(Kiss Looks So Natural Eyelashes,

Adding false lashes really finishes off the look for any night out. Even if your eyelashes are long to begin with, adding falsies will give you more volume and give you the appearance of celebrity-style makeup without getting lash extensions! My personal favorite are Kiss lashes which come both in strips and individuals.

5. A Bold Lip

Finally, finish off your Ashley-inspired look with a bold cranberry lip for the perfect pout. In the last three minutes of her video, Shannon shows us how to create a dark red bold lip the right way, check it out.

Happy copy-catting!