'Girls' Producer Reveals How The Series Will End

The new year came with some news about HBO's beloved show Girls. After it's sixth season airs, Girls will come to an end. I'll pause while you go grab a tissue. Since 2012, viewers have followed Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, and Shoshanna through the path of adulthood, occasionally stopping for hiccups and snacks — just like we all do. But, all good things must come to an equally good end, which is why the show has named it's final resting place. While promoting the Girls: The Complete Fourth Season Blu-ray and DVD, Bustle had the opportunity to speak with Jenni Konner, the executive producer and writer of the show, to talk about Season 5 of Girls and the near end of the series.

"We didn't know until the last couple of years how it would end, but once we knew the end it seemed silly to keep going," Konner says.

"When we began the series, we didn't have the vision of how it would end, but we have that now," Konner says. Even though they didn't have the final scenes in mind at the start, Konner does say that they had something to lead towards. "When we first premiered at SXSW, Lena [Dunham] and I decided how all of the characters died." Despite best efforts, Konner wouldn't reveal any of the "girls'" deaths, so we'll have to wait and see come Season 6. And, at least in the Season 5 premiere on Feb. 21 at 10 p.m., we'll see all the characters very much alive.

It has been a long road for all of the characters on the show, almost all of them going through massive evolutions throughout the years, which Konner explains as "stutter steps." "I think as they get older, they are starting to make bigger changes and starting to get their sh*t together," she says. "They may have thought they were doing it earlier, but they were not the most thoughtful choices."

As for how they characters are doing as being adults? "They're doing...OK," she says, before suggesting that she personally thinks that they'll make "the best" 40-year-olds in the world.

As for the upcoming Season 5, no road goes without it's own speed bumps. Season 5 starts in the middle of the choices each character made at the end of Season 4, all of them trying to make those decisions work. For instance, Konner says that Shoshanna's move to Japan was "a really independent move we haven't seen on her part so far." But, even in the trailer for Season 5, Shoshanna admits she moved away from her problems, suggesting that she put a pin in an issue that needs attention. "They have a lot of learning to do," Konner says, "And that's how we learn, by making mistakes." Even with the end in sight, Konner says that "it's not a straight arrow" that leads them to the there, as if it ever is.

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