Aurora Has A New Ally On 'The Originals' & She's Going After Klaus & Elijah

Armed with white oak bullets, Aurora made a move against Klaus and Elijah on The Originals . After stealing the last of the white oak from Cami, Aurora was poised to finally get her revenge on the Mikaelson brothers in "Heart Shaped Box." Her grand plan of kidnapping Freya and killing Elijah while Klaus watched almost worked. Elijah was shot with a white oak bullet, which, thankfully, missed Elijah's heart, and Klaus was able to dig it out of his chest. (If that's not true brotherly love, I don't know what is.) But, just because Elijah and Klaus lived through their first showdown with Aurora doesn't mean the danger is over. Aurora still has a number of white oak bullets — she still holds the power to kill an original. To make matters worse, Aurora has a new ally on The Originals: Aya, the former Strix leader and Elijah sire.

Aya approached Aurora at the end of the episode, claiming that she and Aurora share a common goal. Given the fact that Aurora wants to kill Elijah to get her revenge on Klaus and end her brother's suffering and Aya wants to live, it seems like they should be at odds. After all, killing Elijah would kill his sire line, which includes both Tristan and Aya. Why would Aya want to help a deranged vampire kill her own sire?

While Klaus and Elijah were busy saving Freya and fighting Aurora, Aya asked Davina to work on a spell to undo the sire bond. And she succeeded. If Aya gets the spell to work and is able to break her sire bond with Elijah, there will be nothing standing in the way of her helping Aurora to kill him.

An alliance between Aurora and Aya on The Originals can only mean that things are going to have to get worse before they get better.

Images: Annette Brown/The CW; psychoticblood/tumblr