Who Is Agent Reyes On 'The X-Files'? Her Return May Hold Even More Answers Than We Thought

It feels like the revival just started, but it's already time to prepare ourselves for The X-Files finale "My Struggle II" — and, based on trailers released by FOX, this episode promises to be the most dramatic of the season. A number of new characters who were introduced during the revival will appear, including conspiracy theorist Tad O'Malley and Agents Miller and Einstein (aka Mulder and Scully 2.0). But, another familiar face who we haven't seen since the 2002 series finale "The Truth" will also play an important role — Annabeth Gish's character Agent Reyes will return for The X-Files finale.

It's been a long time since we last saw Reyes, so let's refresh our memories about her character. She was first introduced in the Season 8 episode "This Is Not Happening" when she aided Scully, Doggett, and Skinner as they investigated Mulder's abduction. Reyes returned at the end of the season after Doggett enlisted her to deliver Scully's baby in a remote location as they attempted to escape the threat of alien super-soldiers. After David Duchovny's departure from the show, Reyes became a series regular in Season 9 and she described the X-Files as her "dream assignment" due to her interest in the paranormal. The X-Files' final season didn't have especially memorable and compelling cases of the week, so Reyes' main legacy is related to the show's mythology — specifically, her knowledge about Mulder and Scully's son.

Since the revival has placed such a strong focus on William, it initially seemed likely that Reyes' return would be related to Scully's quest to find answers about her son. The two became close friends and many viewers commented on the similarities between Reyes and Scully's deceased sister, Melissa. She witnessed William's telekinetic abilities (which she testified to during Mulder's trial in the series finale) and protected Scully's mother and William when Agent Comer attempted to kill the child. Reyes also worked with Scully and the Lone Gunmen to locate William after he was kidnapped and supported Scully when she made the painful decision to give her baby up for adoption.

In the series finale, Reyes testified on behalf of Mulder during his trial for the supposed murder of super-soldier Knowle Rohre. When he was found guilty and sentenced to death, Reyes (along with Skinner and Doggett) helped Mulder and Scully escape and she was last seen saying goodbye to them in New Mexico. The X-Files were closed down, and it was unclear where Reyes stood with the FBI.

So, is she coming back to help locate William? It looks like Reyes' role may be a little more complicated than that. The below teaser clip released by FOX reveals something totally unexpected — Reyes apparently made a deal with the Cigarette Smoking Man shortly after he got hit by that not-so-deadly missile in "The Truth." Viewers learned he was alive during the revival's premiere, but (as of the penultimate episode) neither Mulder nor Scully knows that their archnemesis is still out there watching their every move. Take a look:

The X-Files on YouTube

Of course, if Reyes is forthcoming with this information in her conversation with Scully, it seems likely that she made some sort of deal with the CSM because she believed it was for the greater good. And, if all this happened shortly after "The Truth," it's not exactly like she had a way to contact Mulder and Scully to alert them of the CSM's survival — both agents fell off the grid for years because Mulder was considered a fugitive. The clip also indicates that Reyes stayed with the FBI for approximately three years after the series ended. Scully mentions that Reyes left the bureau "in a hurry" 10 years ago, so there has to be a backstory there and it presumably relates to the show's mythology.

Let's hope Reyes' contact with the CSM can be of some use to Mulder and Scully during the finale. As "widespread panic" sweeps across the country and countless people fall ill, it looks like they'll need all the help they can get.

Images: Ed Araquel/FOX (2); xfilesgifarchive/Tumblr