7 Times Kendall Jenner Was A Beauty Multitasker

On top of having crazy successful fashion week, launching two clothing lines with her sister, and starring in an insane amount of clothing campaigns, it turns out that the 20-year-old model has a secret talent — beauty multitasking. Kendall Jenner had the best idea for a face mask in an interview with Refinery29, and you'll wish it was real as soon as you hear what it is. If you thought the multi-masking trend was good, then just wait until you hear what Jenner has come up with.

Jenner's idea for a new sheet mask is way beyond anything that is on the market right now. With her new invention, people could get a facial and a full face of makeup in less than five minutes. Imagine how quickly you could get glam with this in your medicine cabinet? When asked what her dream beauty invention would be, Jenner told Refinery 29, "OK, so go with me on this but ... wouldn’t it be sort of neat to have a mask that has the full makeup look on it, and all you got to do is stick it to your face and voilà! You’re ready to go!"

Yes, it would be! Now only if she could use her A-list status to actually create that for all of us busy makeup lovers. It sure would make a great addition to the new Kylie Cosmetics line. Perhaps that will be her first beauty collab with her sister.

It only makes sense that the queen of beauty multitasking would come up with such a fantastic idea. Although she hasn't been modeling for all that long, she's found a way to pack so many accomplishments into a short amount of time — all because of her skills. Just look at all the times she was a master beauty multitasker, and try to tell me that she's not fabulous.

1. Shaving Her Legs In The Car

She shaved her legs in a car during New York Fashion Week last September as she was going from a photo shoot to a runway show. That's just multitasking at it's finest!

2. Eating Pizza While Getting Ready

Who says models don't know how to eat? In a recent website post, Jenner says she ate pizza to get ready for the Marc Jacobs runway show.

3. Creating A Day To Night Eye Palette

Talk about multitasking! Jenner's new eyeshadow palette has normal shades for daytime and hues that work with blacklight for the nighttime.

4. Combining Fashion & Politics

It only makes sense that she would use her clothing to express herself.

5. Spreading Awareness & Fashion Advice

Faux boots and a furry face all at the same time!

6. Looking Fierce While Paying Homage

She showed love to one of her favorites while also managing to have one fierce Halloween costume.

7. Empowering Woman While On A Photoshoot

Jenner spread awareness for #RockTheVote while looking as gorgeous and empowering as ever.

This girl really can do it all!