Kylie Jenner Is Called "Jealous" On 'KUWTK'

Since the beginning of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, when they were both crazy young, it's always been obvious that Kendall and Kylie Jenner are best friends. But just like any sisters, they definitely have their fights... although there are probably way less of them than the media would have you think. On Sunday night's KUWTK season finale, Kylie dealt with being called the "jealous" member of the family, and just as you'd suspect, she hated every minute of it.

And it all got worse when the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show rolled around. Since it was her first time walking in the show (and obviously a really, really big deal) Kendall wanted the night to just be about her — and it kind of goes without saying that when her family is around, it becomes kind of a circus — so she asked Kylie not to go. When press caught wind of that, they started saying that Kylie was "banned" from the show, and that only fueled the fire even more.

I can't blame Kendall for wanting the night to herself to celebrate such a huge accomplishment, but it's also hard to fault Kylie for feeling bummed out by what's been said about her, especially since it's not true.

But like they always do, Kendall and Kylie managed to talk things out, and Kendall realized the ways that she was hurting her sister's feelings without ever realizing it. It all ended in a heart to heart, and Kendall had an epiphany about how important it is to not take Kylie for granted and to also not let other people telling her what she should and shouldn't do get in the way of her family.

I don't care what you say about the Kardashians — who doesn't want to be in a family like this one?! Pass the tissues, please.

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