Now Facebook Lets You Send B-Day Videos To Friends

Let's cut to the chase, guys — it's 2016, and an ordinary "Happy B-day!!" post on someone's Facebook wall is the modern day equivalent of writing "HAGS" in someone's yearbook. If you're looking for something a little more personal, luckily Facebook is launching Birthday Cam, which lets you post personalized "Happy Birthday" videos to your friend's Facebook walls. Now you can feel like you're really there for your best friend's birthday when you're really across the country in some other time zone, in your pajamas, and possibly haven't bothered to find pants.

The concept of it is pretty easy. Once you find the friends' profile, you click on the banner you would normally click on that prompts you to leave a birthday post. From there it will give you the option to record a 15 second video using your Facebook mobile app, and then the app will present other options to personalize it. You can put "Happy Birthday" text on the screen or celebratory birthday stickers, depending on just how much you like that particular friend (friends of mine: prepare to be visually assaulted with cuteness). And BOOM, there you have it. A cute video that probably will take as long to record as it would have taken to come up with something clever to write anyway. EVERYBODY WINS.

Here's how the new function will work:

1. Notice That It's Your Friend's Birthday (Which You Totally Knew, But Also Kind Of Maybe Didn't, #Woops)

God bless our early morning risers and friends in earlier time zones who carry the torch by reminding us unreliable folk that it's our BFF's big day. (Word to the wise: If you want to stay on top of the birthday train, you can always check

2. Click On The "Write Something" Banner

From there you'll be given an option to record your birthday message. A note on this for all my Facebook friends: Do NOT hit record until you've got Marilyn Monroe's "Happy Birthday, Mister President" down pat. I WILL NOT SETTLE FOR MEDIOCRITY.


But also bear in mind that if you leave the post Public that everyone and their uncle is hella going to see you and your dog attempting to do a cross-species "Happy Birthday" duet.


I imagine there is no feeling quite as smug as being the friend who cares enough to post a video on someone's birthday, except for perhaps the smug feeling of being that friend who gets the video message.

Here's to never having to come up with a creative way to type two words meaningfully again!

Images: Facebook