Who Are The 'Bachelor' Alums Rooting For?

It is really starting to get down to the wire on this season of The Bachelor. On Monday night, viewers will see Ben Higgins go on hometown dates with the final four ladies. Not only are fans excited to see who wins at long last, but Bachelor and Bachelorette alumni are also pretty invested in Season 20. Not only have they been watching, but they've also voiced their opinions. So, who are the Bachelor alums rooting for when it comes to the final four women on The Bachelor ?

The former Bachelors, Bachelorettes, and suitors definitely have some trustworthy opinions since they have been through the show themselves. They know what they're talking about, or at least it would make sense for them to have some insight fans might be lacking.

Do your thoughts line up with your favorite Bachelor alum's opinions? Is there an obvious favorite? Do these people have inside information or are they in the dark like the rest of the fans? I'm pretty sure that The Bachelor alums have to watch each week's episode just like the rest of us, but nevertheless, their opinions still carry a lot of weight. Check out what these past contestants have to say.

Trista Sutter — Lauren B.

The original Bachelorette and one half of the franchise's most impressive love story, Trista Sutter has made it clear that she feels the chemistry between Ben and Lauren B. Trista is all in for #TeamLauren.

Ryan Sutter — Amanda

Ryan Sutter is rooting for Amanda and that makes complete sense since he insists that she reminds him of his wife. He has no choice than to be cheering for Amanda after publicly making that comparison!

Andi Dorfman — JoJo

Andi thinks that JoJo is a combination of herself and Trista Sutter, so it's safe to say that JoJo has to be Andi's favorite at this point, right?

Ali Fedotowsky — Lauren B.

It may seem like Ali Fedtowsky has been Team JoJo based on her past tweets, but in a recent interview with Extra, Ali said that Lauren B. is going to win "hands down" because "[Ben] has been doing special little things for her." I trust Ali's opinion and agree completely!

Jillian Harris — Lauren B.

In an interview with Hello! Canada, Jillian Harris admitted that she usually "gravitates toward the villains," but thinks that Ben is going to choose Lauren B. at the end even though Lauren B. is "not [her] favorite."

Chris Soules — JoJo

The bromance between Ben and Chris is kind of weird since they both (sort of) dated Becca Tilley, but after trying to wrap my head around that, I was curious about Chris' pick. While appearing on Bachelor Live, Chris explained that that there is a 75 percent chance JoJo will win and a 22 percent chance of Lauren B.

Clare Crawley — Lauren B

If you follow Clare Crawley on Twitter, you know that she's been live tweeting The Bachelor, but hasn't officially backed a contestant. So even though she hasn't predicted a winner, she did quote and respond to a tweet from Lauren B. This is the only contestant she did that with, so I am going to assume Lauren is one of Clare's favorites. Plus, the Bachelor in Paradise star was pretty mad when Leah tried to sabotage Lauren B., so I am going to count that as a vote

Ben Flajnik — JoJo Or Lauren B

Ben Flajnik has tweeted that he is "Team JoJo," but later tweeted that Ben Higgins "just kissed Lauren B like he meant it," so maybe this means that he wants JoJo to win, but that he's feeling the connection between Ben and Lauren B? I'm going to count this as him rooting for both of them.

Tenley Molzahn — JoJo

Tenley has made it clear that she is cheering for JoJo to win Ben's heart and she even threw in some emojis to make it clear how she feels.

Melissa Rycroft — Lauren B.

Melissa Rycroft thinks that her daughter Ava looks like Lauren B., so of course Lauren B. is her favorite. There's no way she can root for anyone else after discovering that random resemblance.

Ashley Iaconetti — Lauren B.

In her Bachelor recap blog for Cosmopolitan, Ashley Iaconetti said that Lauren B. is "the front-runner" and that "the girls collectively stress over Ben's connection with Lauren." And this pretty much what we all see.

Lacy Faddoul — JoJo

Lacy Faddoul has been adamantly tweeting her support for Ben getting with JoJo all season so it's pretty obvious where she stands on this one.

Jade Roper — Amanda

I am with Jade on this one. Amanda is definitely lovable. I can see why Ben has been feeling her so much this season.

Carly Waddell – Lauren B.

Carly made her feelings clear with a simile. She feels like Ben is all about Lauren B. and she's not the only one.

Nick Peterson — Lauren B.

Nick expressed his devotion to Lauren B. with a Chandler Bing gif and there's no doubt where he stands when it comes to the final four.

Jaclyn Swartz — JoJo

Jaclyn is so much aligned with JoJo that she admits that she is struggling to find the words to express her fandom.

Sadly, none of these Bachelor and Bachelorette alums are rooting for Caila, but I'm sure that there are some alumni who are. They just might be people who aren't as active on Twitter or other forms of social media. Amanda is feeling some love with two alums rooting for her on Twitter. If the alumni were in charge of the outcomes, JoJo would be the runner up with the six tweets of praise she received. And it seems like the former contestants are seeing the connection that we all see and have declared Lauren B. to be the winner this season. We'll have to see if they're right!

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Image: ABC/Jean Whiteside