Who Are Caila Quinn's Parents? 'The Bachelor' Gets To Meet Her Fun Family

Are you ready for Hometown Week on The Bachelor? In Monday's episode Ben will be meeting a lot of parents, and according to the ABC's official description of the episode, Caila's dad has a few questions about whether or not he is a worthy suitor. Who are Caila's parents on The Bachelor ?

Caila Quinn is from Hudson, Ohio. Last week, Caila was concerned that since her family has moved around a lot, she doesn't have a particularly strong community to show to Ben. Honestly, I think her concerns are unfounded. One on hand, not having the strongest roots of her own makes it that much easier for her to integrate herself into someone else's life. She clearly loves to travel and really explore new places. I think she and someone like Ben could learn from one another. That's what true partnership is, I think. On the other hand, she's close with her brother and her dog. Caila's acting like she has no roots whatsoever, and that's certainly not true. However, she really only has her parents to introduce to Ben at the moment, what are they like? What do they do?

According to an interview with Ohio.com, Caila's father, Chris Quinn, is the CEO of Step2, a toymaking company. They make a lot of playgrounds, sandboxes, and other big playsets for children as well as other classic style, traditional toys. Part of their mission is to make sure that parents can order toys from home and have them delivered at their own convenience, which is a bigger deal than you think for busy parents! Chris previously was an executive at New Balance.

Her mother, Rosanna Quinn, immigrated with her family from the Philippines when she was a child and she met Chris when she was in nursing school, according to a different Ohio.com report announcing her husband's new position at Step2. According to Caila's Instagram, her mom loves Christmas traditions as well! Seriously, why is Caila so afraid to show her family off on The Bachelor? They seem amazing.

We'll obviously learn more about Chris and Rosanna Quinn when we meet them on Hometown Week. It's clear that they have raised an independent, unstoppable daughter in Caila. Hopefully Ben will be able to see that as well!

Image: Scott Evans/ABC