We'll Find Out Who Has A Twin On 'PLL'

By Kaitlin Reilly

If you are a fan of the Pretty Little Liars book series, then you know that the book's Big A twist didn't involve Charlotte DiLaurentis or a demented dollhouse. Sara Shepard's book series, which the ABC Family series is loosely based on, had another, equally mind-blowing reveal about the origins of A. (Warning: spoilers ahead for the Pretty Little Liars book series!) Instead of Big A being revealed as Alison and Jason's long-lost older sister, Big A was actually Alison herself. Queen Bee Ali had been locked in a Radley-like mental institution after her identical twin Courtney swapped places with her in order to ensure her own freedom. It was Courtney who had been dead the entire time — the real Ali murdered her in an act of brutal revenge. Obviously, that's not how it went down with the TV show version of Ali, but you don't have to write off the twin thing just yet. A twin is coming to Pretty Little Liars , and it's everything fans have hoped for.

Fan theories have blown up the internet over the course of Pretty Little Liars' six seasons, but now the show is promising fans real answers. For more on the twin theory and everything else Pretty Little Liars, check out Bustle's PLL podcast Taking This One To The Grave:

So what do we know about the upcoming twin story? Here's what we can expect from this long-awaited twist:

1. We're Going To Find Out Who Has A Twin Really Soon

Yep, seriously! According to showrunner I. Marlene King's recent tweet, fans can expect to meet the Pretty Little Liars twin very, very soon — like, within a few episodes soon.

There are only four — yes, four — episodes of Season 6B left, which means that we're most likely going to find out who the twin is within this season. In fact, the penultimate finale episode is titled "Did You Miss Me?" which could hint that someone's long-gone twin is making an appearance. The only question now is, whose twin could that be?!

2. Courtney Won't Make An Appearance

Before the Season 5B finale, King told Entertainment Tonight that while fans may see a "double" of someone, they won't see Alison's twin Courtney. Considering that Charlotte is already a long-lost DiLaurentis, there's a good chance that whoever this twin is, it isn't directly connected to Ali. Of course, it is always possible that King will simply rename Ali's twin, even if two secret siblings seems like an awful lot for one family.

3. The Twin Will Be Identical

Many Pretty Little Liars fans assumed that Jason and Charles (whom we later found out was really Charlotte) were twins, only for it to be revealed that they were actually a little over a year apart. The actual twin on PLL won't be a brother/sister pairing. According to King's tweet, these twins will be a mirror image of one another:

4. The Twin Could Tie Everything Together

While it's unclear how much this twin will connect to the early seasons of the show, King seems to suggest that this might be a piece of the puzzle that will make some of the clues from the earlier seasons make a whole lot more sense:

Get ready, PLL fans: this huge twist could change absolutely everything.

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