Which Of Rihanna & Drake’s “Work” Music Videos Is The Better Music Video? Let Me Attempt To Decide

A mere three days ago, Rihanna and Drake warned us that they'd be releasing a new music video on the interwebs soon. I took this warning very seriously and prepared myself for what was sure to be yet another too-hot-for-words addition to the RiRi/Drizzy videography. As prepared as I thought I was (I tried to be as hydrated as possible, I made an accordion fan out of a piece of card stock, I made sure I was sitting in a chair that would not topple over easily, etcetera), I was no where near equipped to handle the actual video. Or should I say, the videos. On Monday, Rihanna dropped two music videos for "Work." And my card stock fan is no match for the one, two punch of overwhelmingly hot vids. *Falls out of un-toppling chair.*

The first music video for "Work," which was directed by Director X ("Hotline Bling," "Fancy," "Body Party"), shows Rihanna and Drake dancing it out at a crowded party. The second vid, which was directed by Tim Erem ("Lean On," "Moments," "Too Original"), shows the "What's My Name?" duo kicking it in a fuchsia living room. Much to my surprise, neither music video for the first single off of ANTI involves horses galloping around the Eagle Rock Plaza Chuck E. Cheese. (Sure glad I didn't bet any cashola on that one.)

So, which “Work” music video is the better “Work” music video? There is only one way to find out: Without further ado, here is The "Work" Vs. "Work" Battle Royale.

ROUND 1: Dancing With Drake


This round goes to… Oh, this is tough. But I gotta say, there's something about RiRi's swim move/Drake's pat-a-cake "roll it" move that really speaks to my heart. So, I guess I'm going to go with the Tim Erem vid.

ROUND 2: Ringanna's Rihng Game


This round goes to… The collection of rings featured in the Tim Erem video are nothing short of divine, but the ring game in the Director X video is on another level.

ROUND 3: Eyeshadow


This round goes to… As much as I love the shimmery lilac shadow in the Tim Erem clip, I cannot resist an eyelid shellacked in glitter. So, this round goes to the Director X version.

ROUND 4: Steamin’ Up The Joint With Drake


This round goes to… *Fans self.* When I watch both of these smokeshow videos, I am Drake slowly covering my face with my hand. Therefore, the Tim Erem vid wins this round.

ROUND 5: Having A Laugh With Drake


This round goes to… Augh, both moments make me so happy. I don't think I can pick one. Actually, I refuse to pick one. Tie! It's a tie! OK? OK.

And the winner is... Both "Work" videos are winners, we’re all winners, everyone is a winner.

Images: RihannaVEVO/YouTube (11); Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (10)