How To Teach Your Dog To Meow

If I ever get a chance to adopt a dog in the future, there are a few things that I want to accomplish — mainly how to teach a dog to meow. Why would you want to do that, Dasha? Because I have been inspired by others, and because I think it's very funny. I do a lot of stuff for a good laugh, and this just seems like the perfect amount of weird for me. Just imagine it! Your dog is sitting next to you and your friends on a Friday night. Suddenly you hear a meowing noise coming from somewhere near your feet. Everyone keeps asking you if you got a cat recently, and all you can do is chuckle internally as they scramble to figure it all out. Then it all comes out: It was the dog! Your weirdo dog is making that noise! Mazel Tov!

If you are wondering if I personally know the trick to teaching a dog how to meow — I do not. All I can say from watching this video is that like with any trick you want to teach your pet, you will need treats and motivation. You will also have to be patient about the entire experience. After all, dogs don't naturally meow so you have to give credit where credit is due. Apparently, dogs and cats have similar internal components (larynx, trachea, and diaphragm) which allows them to produce each other's sounds. Fascinating. Now, if I could just get a dog to mimic my voice I could potentially solve a lot of my telemarketing issues. Alas, that doesn't seem possible. But if you want to see a dog meow and get a sense for how to teach your pooch this trick, you can watch the full video below!

If you were wondering if there are other tricks you can teach your dogs that are equally as cool, you are in luck. There are tons of videos online showing interesting dog tricks you can master.

I really like the "in between the legs" move this dog was executing. My cousin's dog tries to do that while wearing a leash when I walk her, so in the past I have fallen many times because of her. I also really like the last trick where the dog hugs his fellow dog-friend. I just selfishly think it would look really cute in pictures, if for no other reason than that.

If you want something a little more adventurous, why not try this Kung-Fu trick in the video below.

That dog knows how to stage a fight better than a lot of humans. Not too shabby! Just don't forget to give them a treat after all of the hard work they put in.

Images: Pixabay