Brandi Glanville Has Upset Everyone On 'The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills,' But Does She Really Deserve All The Hate?

It has been a lovely time in Amsterdam for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ... is something I wish I could say about the ladies' European vacation. Instead of being filled with windmills, wooden clogs, and tulips, there has been nothing but drama since the Housewives arrived in Amsterdam. Surprise, surprise. Brandi Glanville has been at the center of it.

You would think that the frequent troublemaking Housewife would leave her boxing gloves in the 90210 to take a vacation from her combative ways. Causing mischief can be exhausting, after all. But no. It seems like fighting follows Brandi wherever she goes.

However, Tuesday night's upcoming episode of RHOBH will show a different side of Brandi. During what is supposed to be a relaxing spa day with Yolanda Foster, Brandi will have an emotional breakdown about how the other Housewives have been attacking her for everything she says, whereas other cast members don't receive the same treatment for speaking their minds. Seriously, can these ladies ever actually have a nice, serene spa day without bringing up some sort of drama?

Seeing Brandi in such a vulnerable position is definitely a rare occurrence. Usually she's the one making another Housewife cry. But Brandi seems really hurt here. Wow, what a new phenomenon.

So has Brandi's behavior this season really warranted such vitriol from the other ladies? How she treated each of the Housewives this season is very telling.

Lisa Vanderpump

Every RHOBH fan knows that Brandi and Lisa Vanderpump did not start off Season 5 in a good place. They had a huge falling out during Season 4, mostly because Lisa V. hired Scheana Shay, the former mistress of Brandi's ex-husband Eddie Cibrian, to work at her restaurants and never got rid of her no matter how many times Brandi told her to.

Things haven't been as explosive between the two in Season 5, but they definitely haven't reached the same level of friendship they once had in Seasons 2 and 3. You can still feel the underlying tension between them whenever they're in the same room together, each throwing some shade the other's way. Though Lisa V. still has her guard up big time, Brandi has been responsible for most of the tension by acting really awkward and inappropriate toward Lisa V. She literally extended an olive branch to Lisa V. from her restaurant's gorgeous olive tree, jokingly offered oral sex to her former bestie, and just slapped her in Amsterdam. Lisa V. has not responded well to any of Brandi's "playful" behavior this season, and can you really blame her?

Lisa Rinna

LIsa Rinna is new to RHOBH this season, so maybe that's why she's gotten along with Brandi so well. The two have mostly been on good terms, with Lisa R. even confiding in Brandi about her concern for Kim Richards' alleged alcohol addiction. Even though Brandi eventually told Kim what Lisa R. had been saying about her sobriety behind her back, which resulted in not one but two fights between the ladies, they have been on mostly good terms, or at least not bad ones.

Or so I thought. In a blog post published on on March 11, Brandi blasted Lisa R. for having three different personalities: a "bubbly, cool chick," someone "who uses a soft, convincing actress voice to label people she barely knows as addicts, insane, and white trash every week for our entire time together," and "one that said, 'Why is everyone afraid of Kim Richards?' and now says, 'Kim Richards scares me!'" In Tuesday night's episode, Brandi will also take issue with the fact that the Housewives were appalled at Brandi throwing a glass at Eileen Davidson but had very little to say about Lisa R. throwing a glass at Kim. In this case, it looks like Brandi has taken issue with what Lisa R. has done rather than actually having done anything offensive to the RHOBH newbie.

Kim Richards

Speaking of Kim, she has been one of Brandi's closest allies this season. Though the two haven't seen eye to eye for the majority of their time on RHOBH, Kim has confided a lot in Brandi as she goes through this rough patch in her life and has even said she is her best friend. Awww, isn't that nice?

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever in RHOBH Land, and Kim's relationship with Brandi continues to drive a wedge deeper and deeper between her and her sister Kyle. In Tuesday night's episode, Kyle will tell Kim something that Brandi has said about her behind her back, and its looks like it will be pretty shocking. However, Kim is one of the few Housewives reported to defend Brandi at the Season 5 reunion, so maybe their friendship really is strong enough to withstand anything.

Kyle Richards

Brandi and Kyle started off Season 5 as gal pals, but it all fell apart when Brandi and Kyle got into a heated argument over Kim during Eileen's poker party. There was a little bit of scratching and shoving on the part of both Housewives, which may or may not have been intentional. Things only got worse when Brandi and Kyle got into it again and basically had the same argument at Kyle's Gay Mixer. This time, Brandi called out Kyle's husband Mauricio Umansky for allegedly cheating on her, which sealed the deal that Brandi and Kyle would never be friends again. Brandi later accused Kyle of being a hypocrite for not partaking in some pot in Amsterdam because she didn't want her children to see her doing it when she had smoked marijuana before. Brandi and Kyle really aren't speaking at this point, and seeing as how the nastiness has continued between them after filming ended, it doesn't look like they ever will.

Eileen Davidson

From the get-go, it seemed like Brandi had it in for new RHOBH cast member Eileen. She threw a glass at her over lunch to pretend like the two were in a soap opera. She said the decor of her home looked creepy. She joked about Eileen being a home-wrecker in last Tuesday night's episode. Eileen is a bit kooky, but she hasn't really done anything to Brandi to deserve any of these off-hand comments. Needless to say, Eileen is not a fan of Brandi, nor should she be.

Yolanda Foster

Along with Kim, Yolanda has also been another ally of Brandi's this season. She has tried to comfort Brandi as she goes through a transition period in her life and feuds with the other ladies by getting her into yoga and encouraging her to do a cleanse. However, Brandi hasn't always been the most grateful for Yolanda's kindness. She has told Yolanda to step off when she suggests that Brandi should cut down on her drinking in order to get rid of some of the drama in her life. She also told Yolanda that "people" were saying her daughter Bella Hadid had a drinking problem after she was arrested for a DUI. Still, Yolanda seems to really care about Brandi and wants to help her get her life back together, so she must see something in Brandi that the other Housewives don't.

The Final Verdict

None of the Housewives are perfect. I think we can all agree on that. And ganging up on one person really isn't a fair fight.

However, when Brandi hits, she hits hard, and she hits below the belt. Sure, the other Housewives get into arguments, and they can be mean and rude, but it's generally about their fellow Housewives' behavior. Brandi, on the other hand, will bring other people not even involved in the drama into the mix, hurling insults about her fellow cast members' family members, which the others don't usually do. She constantly uses the excuse of having no filter to justify saying and doing things that make you cringe to make it seem like she's more honest and genuine than the other Housewives because she says exactly what's on her mind. But it doesn't help to set things right or help her defend herself. It's just plain mean and vulgar.

The two instances where glasses were thrown this season are good examples: Brandi threw a glass at Eileen for fun, whereas Lisa R. did it out of anger because Kim angered her. Now violence is violence, and both ladies were wrong for throwing a glass. However, these two moments, on the whole, show the difference between Brandi's behavior and everyone else's. Brandi provokes while the other Housewives react.

So yes, the Housewives should be angry with how Brandi has treated them this season and in the past. It often seems like Brandi causes drama for no reason other than to entertain herself, and that's just wrong. There's only so much you can "kid around" before the joke just isn't funny anymore.

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