Chad's Letter On 'The Bachelor' Is Intense

by Nicole Pomarico

If you were getting a little bored of perfect Ben, Monday night's episode of The Bachelor is for you. Now that it's time for hometown dates, that means the drama is getting dialed up, including something totally unexpected. JoJo's ex-boyfriend, Chad, is going to try to win her back, and it all starts with the letter shown during the preview clips at the beginning of the episode. So what does Chad's letter say?

First, here's how it all goes down. First, JoJo comes home for her hometown date to find roses at her door, plus a card — the card. At first, it's obvious that JoJo thinks the roses are from Ben, but it all changes when she opens the card to find a two-page letter, not from Ben, but from Chad. Cue the very understandable, obvious internal freakout that crosses her face when she starts to read it out loud and then realizes what's happening. And, whatever's in that letter must be pretty intense, since it makes her cry... not because it's so sweet, but because she's mad.

The letter is obstructed on the show, so we can't see the whole thing. And JoJo didn't ready the entire letter out loud. But we do know it ends with "I will love you with all of my heart! Love, Chad XOXO" and that it starts like this:

JoJo, I first want to start by saying I am writing you not because you are on the show, but because I have spent the last 39 days self reflecting and soul searching about you and me. I gave you my time, made you laugh, and we did everything together. I am human, and make mistakes, and it has taken this journey to understand what true love really is.

Poor JoJo. It doesn't seem like anything's going to rip her away from Ben, but this is obviously adding to what's already a super emotional, confusing situation. Good luck, girl!

Image: Jean Whiteside/ABC