'The X-Files' Revival Ends With A Cliffhanger

Leading up to The X-Files finale "My Struggle II," it appeared that the threat of alien DNA lurking in every citizen was the cause of a deadly, global epidemic. But, it quickly became clear that only individuals who already have alien DNA are safe — meaning people like Scully and her son William are, as the Cigarette Smoking Man says, "the chosen ones." As countless people fall ill, Scully and Einstein race to create a cure using Scully's alien DNA that can be used to help the afflicted. But for Mulder, it may be too late — when Scully gets to him, he's in worse shape than she expected and Mulder could die on The X-Files because the vaccine she created isn't strong enough to treat his illness.

Earlier in the episode, Mulder confronts the CSM in South Carolina and turns down his offer of "a seat at the big table" even though it would ensure his survival. His biological father assures him that he'll be dead within a week, but that seems like an optimistic estimate based on Mulder's appearance. Mulder refuses to take part in the sinister conspiracy and leaves with Miller, who has also fallen ill but is well enough to drive towards Scully. When they finally find each other amidst gridlocked traffic on the D.C. highway, Scully quickly realizes that the "miracle vaccine" she created won't be enough to save Mulder.

As she tells Miller, there's only one thing that can save Mulder's life now — stem cells from their son, William. But, as she explains to the younger agent, neither she nor Mulder knows where William is. Is there hope? As the finale comes to a close, a bright light appears in the sky and Miller and Scully stare up at it as Mulder lies in the car dying. William may have arrived to save his father's life — but at this point, all we have is a massive cliffhanger and no confirmation that The X-Files will return for Season 11.


Needless to say, fans aren't exactly over the moon about this turn of events:

This would have been a great cliffhanger if we were guaranteed a Season 11, but it's definitely disappointing to have the revival end with so much left unresolved. On the bright side, if the show does return as Chris Carter has hinted, they'll have a lot of great material to work with. Until then, I need to believe that William is on his way to save his dad's life.