17 People Reveal What They Keep In Their Bedside Drawer

One time, I got in a heated fight with my ex over something I found in his bedside drawer.

I swear I wasn't snooping. In earnest, I was looking for a pair of clean socks to borrow. But my search unearthed an old Valentine's Day card from one of his former flames, along with a few other relics of their relationship. A playbill from a musical she had composed the songs for. A birthday card she had written him. All of which lead to an intense argument over why on earth he'd keep these things right next to his bed. I mean, was he looking at them every night before he fell asleep?!

It made me wonder: What do other people keep in their bedside drawers?

While some of us (ahem, my stupid ex) use the storage space to bury memorabilia, most people use this drawer to stash the goods that they need easy access to while they're going at it. Condoms, sex toys, lube -- you name it. But does everyone else's drawer contain the same contents? If we were to peek at the bedside drawers of a dozen people or so, what would we find?

We asked a few brave souls to come clean and share what's hidden in their bedside drawer right now. Read on for their honest answers on what's tucked away near their bed.

1. Ashley, 27

2. Todd, 36

3. Sadie, 26

4. Jason, 27

5. Patty, 32

6. Hashim, 40

7. Maggie, 27

8. Cate, 20

9. Joe, 28

10. Alex, 27

11. Valerie, 36

12. Mike, 35

13. Arielle, 23

14. Kali, 24

15. Elizabeth, 29

16. Jenn, 36

17. Sara, 22

Images: Giphy (10), Pixabay