Kylie Jenner Changed Her Eyes... Again

Forget about keeping up with The Kardashians. Try keeping up with youngest sister Kylie Jenner, who changed two of her features again like only she can, resulting in two totally new looks. Jenner changes her style and her image often and it's never just one element. She changes multiple things, all in the course of a day or a week, and she does so with a twist. That's what has me so intrigued about these repeat albeit temporary changes, actually. It's not the when but the how. The reality star and Lip Kit guru rocked gray x blue contacts, completely changing her normally brown eye color. She also sported super long, thick, black hair. Because why not?

When you are 18, a millionaire, a member of America's most famous family, and a style influencer who just partnered with Puma, you have all the available amenities for changing your look. Essentially, Jenner is a teenager who doesn't need to commit to one thing. She is young and having fun because she can and I can't say I blame her.

When she goes with lighter eyes, they pair beautifully with her raven hair. Oh, and speaking of her hair, she just shared a mirror selfie, which is her signature social media move, with really, really long hair that's probably a wig. We've seen this look from her many times.

Let's assess why her changes are so memorable.

Only in Kylie Jenner's world do her eyes match her manicure. Check out her heather gray nails. That had to be intentional. She was also pimping her Dolce K Lip Kit, noting that it has mauve tones. Notice that her colored contacts bring out the mauve-ness of her lipstick. Funny how that works. This sort of feels like an accidentally-on-purpose coordinated effort.

And here's Kris Jenner's youngest with her super long locks, darker lips, and darker nails.

You know, she could have taken this pics days, weeks, or months apart but that's actually immaterial. The point is that Jenner always keeps us guessing with her look and she always finds new ways to switch it up. Changing one's look is common among celebs. When Jenner changes her look, it's always unique. Like her contacts matching her nail polish.

Images: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2)