Here's Kate Upton Without Makeup

She is beloved for her girl-next-door vibe and her voluptuous beauty, but she's totally providing some inspo for the rest of us. Model and actor Kate Upton posted a no makeup photo on Instagram. It's not often that we see Upton sans makeup, so it was a nice surprise to see her all fresh-faced. But her reason for going without makeup? She was working out and that sweaty, intense endeavor is so not the right time or place for a full face of product.

Yes, it's always awesome when celebs and models post no makeup selfies, like supermodel Cindy Crawford did to mark her 50th birthday earlier this week. Demi Lovato has her #NoMakeupMonday thing going on and she encourages her Lovatics to do the same. The makeup-free selfies encourage the rest of us to embrace our natural beauty and to be proud of ourselves "as is."

But Upton's makeup-less gym photo was awesome inspo for a different reason. I have seen too many photos of starlets and celebs who are all done up while posting photos from the gym. Yes, The Kardashians are often guilty of this. While at first, you are like, "Cool, they are glam all of the time and make no apologies for it," it eventually starts to sink in that it's sort of ridiculous to be full on at the gym. It also feels forced and perhaps even a little false.

Upton doesn't look like she could change her clothes and head off to a red carpet event. She is completely fresh scrubbed and she is total realness. I also love that cute, "I so don't want to be here" expression on her pretty face. Hopefully, she was able to find her motivation and soldier through her Monday workout. She looked fab while doing so.

She may not have intended to do so, but Kate Upton just provided no makeup inspo with a twist. The struggle is real when attempting intense workouts.

Image: Kate Upton/Instagram (1)