Twitter Reacts To Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death

It is a tragic day: Philip Seymour Hoffman has been reported dead of an apparent overdose. Hoffman was an actor effusively and constantly respected for his craft, and as the news sinks in, more and more of his friends, colleagues, and fans are letting their grief show through Twitter. It's a modern-day eulogy given by the masses, so let's take a moment to remember Hoffman, his life, and his work through those expressing their sadness at the loss.

In situations of tragedy, there always exist these choruses of grief, these public outpourings of support for the deceased's loved ones or tributes to their life. Hoffman's, for its particular case, have been colored, in all its tragedy, with persistent reference to the indelible talent that existed within him. He was an actor lauded as the best of his generation, and that was a repeated theme within the Twitterverse's reactions to his death.

It is clear even without Twitter, of course, that Hoffman will be greatly missed. The catharsis of public grief, however, has its advantages.