'The X-Files' Might Not Be Over, You Guys

You guys, what in the world is happening with The X-Files these days? Just when I think the revival is all wrapped up and ready to give a decent dose of closure to everyone’s still-lingering questions, the show leaves us with even more. The X-Files revival ended with one heck of a cliffhanger, and that left everyone wondering what in the world was going on. Why would they do that, when all of the talk around the revival has been that it’s a one-time thing? The only time anyone ends a series like that is if there’s a possibility that there will be more episodes. But when David Duchovny posted an X-Files teaser on Instagram on Tuesday, and it's causing even more people to wonder about the future of the series.

These hints and open endings are out of this world. Literally. And they’re driving me kind of crazy with all of their ambiguity. So let’s break this down, because all of these hints and posts have to mean something, right? First of all, we have to talk about the way the revival ended. I’m not going to give away any spoilers here, but to have a capstone series end with such an enormous cliffhanger makes me think that there are going to be more episodes to follow. And I know I’m not alone in this.

On David Duchovny’s post alone, there are over 350 comments asking what it all means and whether or not there will be more episodes. And then there is Duchovny’s Instagram post itself, which shows a grainy skyline with the words, “THE TRUTH IS ON HIATUS,” written across the sky. This in pretty stark contrast to the words that appeared on the screen at the end of the opening credits of the final episode. Those words read, “This is the end.”

But a hiatus is most definitely not an end. It’s a pause. A break in your regularly scheduled programming. And it seems like one big hint that there will, in fact, be more episodes of X-Files to look forward to. Get your spacesuits ready. The truth behind what all of this means is out there somewhere.

Image: FOX