Find Out Which Lip Kit Is Kylie's Fav

by Augusta Statz

Based on her reaction to her lip kits selling out, we know that this lip product maven is attached to the lippies she’s created. But, there is one shade in particular that stands out from the rest, at least at the moment. Kylie Jenner revealed her favorite lip kit shade on Twitter and, drumroll please, it's her new orange one. Honestly, I can’t blame her for choosing that one. I'm sure all of the colors mean something to her, but this one is new and exciting and so different from all of the rest, you know?

Besides the recent Mary Jo K red color, the other hues stick with a brown and nude-ish color palette. This orange is pretty out of character, comparatively. But, these lippies are coming from a gal who likes to switch up her hair at a moment’s notice and has been known to rock some pretty different dye jobs. So, I’m not surprised at all that this super bright orange is grabbing Jenner’s attention at the moment.

No matter how she feels about the shades, she’s modeled each and every one flawlessly on multiple occasions. There’s no denying that they all look amazing on her, which is why so many people are hoping to get their hands on these lippies, too. With the next launch coming soon, you’ll be able to snag your favorite hue (if you’re fast enough). Which one will you choose?

Her favorite lipstick suits her, don't you think? Leave it to Jenner to go and create summertime's "It" shade.

Dolce K looks incredible on her, too, no matter what eye color she's rocking that day.

There's no going wrong with a classic red lip.

A pink lip is girly and fun.

She pulls off this trend so well.

A nude lip goes with everything.

And channeling your inner Khloé Kardashian with KoKo K is never a bad idea, right?

If you can't decide between two, you can always mix them.

OK, they're all amazing. How will you ever choose which one to get? I don't know about you, but I've convinced myself. I'm just going to try and get them all. When it comes to Kylie Lip Kits, I've got no control.

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