Here's How To Get Kylie Jenner's Pink NYFW Hair

Kylie Jenner is a one-in-a-million style chameleon and she changes up her style more often, it seems, than I change my underwear. Okay I exaggerate, she doesn't change her look every day but she experiments with new styles a lot – for instance Kylie Jenner rocked pink hair at New York Fashion Week 2016. Of course, Kylie's had pink hair before but this time her hair was worn long, with bangs, and in a rather mermaiden style; in comparison to her last dalliance with pink hair, when she sported a cute, powder pink lob.

I had thought that pink hair was a thing of the past – or rather that it was a 2015 hair color trend – but it appears to still be a popular hue in early 2016. Ms. Jenner's not the only one who's been spotted with a pink hairdo, Zayn Malik rocked pink hair recently, proving that perhaps pink is here to stay. It was also great to see Zayn wearing a shade which is often associated with femininity – he showed that anyone can look awesome with pink hair.

Although it's tricky to tell if Kylie Jenner's pink NYFW tresses were real or faux, one thing's for sure: her hair looked gorgeous. So, depending on whether you want permanent pink locks, a rose colored wig, or something in between, here's how you can get Kylie's pink NYFW hair.

1. The Cruelty-Free Color

Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Virgin Pink Hair Dye, $9, Hot Topic

A semi-permanent pink hair dye might be a good place to start, for those who wish to give candyfloss locks a whirl. This Arctic Fox semi-permanent hair dye is cruelty-free, vegan, and lasts 6 to 12 washes; so it's perfect for anyone who wants to try this shade on for size.

2. The Non-Damaging Dye

Pastel Pink Hair Dye, $12, Lunar Tides Hair

If you constantly change your hair like Kylie, you might want to go for a dye which will be kinder on your tresses. Lunar Tides Hair is an indie Portland based hair color company, which states on their product page, "Our Dyes Are Non-Damaging And Do Not Require Developer." However Lunar Tides Hair suggests that you will need an evenly bleached, pale yellow to platinum blonde colored 'do first, in order to achieve the desired pastel pink shade.

3. The Chalk Tong

Temporary Hair Coloring Chalk (Pink), $8, Amazon

This hair coloring tong is great for gals on the move and I imagine it would come in super handy at a festival. Dubbed as, "...non-toxic and natural" this tool looks simple to use and is an easy way for you to temporarily try pink. It would be awesome for parties, vacation, or for ladies filled with wanderlust – just sling it in your backpack and you've got an easy to use beauty product to help mix up your look.

4. The Pink Hued Shampoo & Conditioner

Bleach London Rosé S/C, $14, Bleach World Wide

Bleach London's Rosé Shampoo and Rosé Conditioner sound amazing. Not only can they be used to prevent your pink 'do from fading, but they can also be used on light blonde hair to give it a slight pink rinse. These products would be a great option for blondes wanting to dip their toe into the pink pool.

5. The Demi-Permanent Dye

RAW Candy Pink Hair Dye, $10, Hot Topic

This bright, demi-permanent dye is a wonderful choice for those searching for something a little longer lasting than semi-permanent colors.

6. The Pink Spray

High Beams Intense Temporary Spray On Hair Color Popstar Pink #43, $5, Amazon

This pink hair spray color is the perfect partner for no-fuss gals looking for a wash in, wash out solution.

7. The Pink Wig

Dusty Pink Long Wavy Wig Cosplay Wig, $59, Etsy

If your mane is your pride and joy, your best option could be a fabulous wig. This dusty pink wig is very close to Kylie's pink hairstyle, which featured mermaid waves and bangs, so you won't have to lay a finger on your own tresses.

Channel Kylie and her pretty, pink locks this spring to make sure you're looking on-trend from head to toe.

Images: Courtesy Brands