How To Get Followers In Kendall & Kylie's Game

I hate to be a braggart, but I have some very exciting news to report: In just one week, my Kendall & Kylie mobile game avatar has gone from a being a nobody without a social media account to being the 272nd most popular person on the K&K Internet. I know, right? Kendlie's e-star is on the rise, and I couldn't be more proud. And do you know who else couldn't be more proud? Her professional life. As Kendlie's follower count grows, her kareer reaps the rewards; the higher her follower count gets, the bigger the job opportunities get. In the K&K world, social media followers are everything. If your Kendall & Kylie avatar doesn't care about accruing a legion of e-followers, then your Kendall & Kylie avatar might as well throw in the the seafoam green hair dye-stained towel right now.

What's the secret to my avatar's success? The key to my K&K character's Internet fame, fortune, and follower fabulosity? How does my K&K avatar acquire followers, exactly? Is it as easy as tapping on pigeons and fire hydrants and flower pots? Unfortunately, no. While clicking on certain inanimate objects does produce objects that are essential to gameplay (e.g., energy lightning bolts, kurrency, and experience koins), do not expect to find new followers lurking behind lamp posts or surf boards or newspaper vending machines.

So, how do you get more followers in K&K? Here's a list of game tips that a) won't cost you any money and b) are guaranteed to bolster your avatar's social media presence.

1. Do Stuff, Duh

Internet fame will not just be handed to you; You’ve gotta work to get your avatar's name out there. So, don’t just let your avatar sit there and twiddle their thumbs and check their smartphone. Instead, tell your avatar to take jobs, go on dates, and attend events. When pal/PR dude Perry Young sends his hourly text message, take him up on the gig offer.

Now, say it's only been 20 minutes since Perry sent his last text, but you're already chomping at the bit to tackle the next job/the next opportunity to get more followers. Well, you don't have to wait: For a few K gems, Perry will scrounge up some gigs before his next hourly message.

The follower-generating opportunities are always out there. No excuses.

2. Post Cool Stuff, Duh

As game friend/game coworker Emily Sun once said, “You can totally get thousands of followers just by posting cool stuff.”

…What does she mean by “cool stuff,” exactly? SELFIES, DOYE.

But if you assume any ol' selfie will do, you've got another think coming. For example, I snapped this selfie with Kendall in between gigs:

You would think a selfie with a Jenner sister would be a surefire follower magnet. Well, here's the katch: Because the selfie isn't linked to a game event/project/date/party, it doesn't nab any likes or follows. In other words, the selfie might as well not exist.

3. Get Five Stars On Projects, Events, Assignments, Etcetera

If your avatar agrees to shoot a vlog/record a podcast/attend a fashion show/go to a party, then your avatar better finish that vlog/podcast/fashion show/party. Yeah, assignments take a lot of energy, and yeah, the energy meter takes a while to reload, but do not let the assignments slip through your phone-holding fingers. Why? Because potential followers are on the line.

If you score five stars on an event (i.e., complete the event before event’s time runs out) and post a selife (the game will automatically do this for you), your fan count will go wild.

And the likes and follows will keep trickling in as you play the game.

But what happens if you don’t get five stars? Let's say you begin a shift at the salon, spend what energy bolts you have, and tell yourself you’ll come back later and finish the job once your energy bolt stash is replenished.

…But then, something happens: You forget to come back before the assignment’s time limit expires. When you finally remember to pull up the game, you see this:

Three followers. Three followers. Did you hear that? That was the sound of a chill running down the spine of my avatar's ~brand.~

4. Get Five Stars On Dates

Just like professional assignments, your avatar's dating life can impact your avatar’s fan count. When your avatar finishes a date, the game will commemorate the moment with a selfie.

If your avatar’s date was a five-star date, the selfie will be an e-hit.

5. Hang Out With Kendall & Kylie

At the beginning of the game, friend/PR dude Perry Young tells your avatar that befriending Kendall and Kylie will be a boon to your online brand. And he is not wrong; Anytime your avatar gets five stars on a Kendall and/or Kylie event, the event selfie racks up the likes and followers.

The moral of the story: Do not pass up a chance to kick it with the Sisters Jenner.

6. Befriend ~Influencers~

When certain characters follow your avatar, your avatar's follower count will surge.

The follower's followers will become your followers.

7. Tell Your Human Friends To Play The Game

If your pals play K&K, you can connect via Facebook or the Game Center. You and your IRL friends can link up in the game, “like” each other’s game selfies, and help each other's avatars achieve Internet fame.

...Sadly, I do not have any IRL K&K friends. Did you hear that? That was the sound of my avatar's ~brand~ sobbing.

If you'd hoped I'd hit you with some fire game cheat codes or whatever, I'm sorry to disappoint. But that's my bag. Speaking of bags, I can't believe my avatar does not have a showstopper of a handbag already. She's worked so hard, ya know? She deserves a gorgeous purse. Ugh, her ~brand~ is probably furious with me. I reckon I should go and fix that right now.

Images: Kendall & Kylie/Glu Games Inc. (13)