How Did Sasha Pieterse & Hudson Sheaffer Meet? The Engaged Couple Probably Had The Best Meet Cute

The Pretty Little Liars characters may have complicated love lives, but the same definitely can't be said for the actors who bring them to life. For example, Alison DiLaurentis, aka Sasha Pieterse, is engaged to Hudson Sheaffer. They announced their engagement in December 2015 with some of the most adorable photos around, and now I'm sure the PLL fandom wants to know all there is about her soon-to-be husband. Basically, it's time to pull an A and do some major research — but minus all of the violence and creepiness. So, let's set out and answer this question: how did Sasha Pieterse meet her fiancé?

There isn't a whole lot out there about Pieterse, 20, and Sheaffer, 27, save for the Instagram photos they continuously post. That said, thanks to my fellow Bustle colleague's research, it appears the two have been dating for the past three years. Per their IG pics, they've been sharing photos of one another since around October 2012. Obviously, that doesn't mean that's the exact time they started dating, but it's definitely a starting point.

Now, as for how they met, well that information is definitely a bit tougher to come by. It's not really clear how, when, or where Pieterse and Sheaffer met.

However, I have a feeling they had the cutest meet cute ever. I've come to that conclusion solely based on their Instagrams, because they are just that adorable together. With that, here's how their first meeting totally went down. Or, at least I hope so, because I can't help but romanticize everything.

It Might've Been Awkward At First

First meetings are always somewhat awkward, right?

They Probably Charmed Each Other

Clearly, they have the best personalities.

Their Love Of Dogs Came Up In Conversation

This was probably the moment they knew they were meant to be.

They Totally Had A "Love At First Sight" Moment

Hey, I've heard it can happen. Plus, this picture is pretty much proof.

It All Probably Ended In The Scheduling Of A First Date


It Definitely Went Really Well

Well, they are engaged...

Now, They Just Can't Help But Love One Another


And that's how Pieterse and Sheaffer first met. OK, not really, but let's hope it was just like a rom-com!