Who Is Hudson Sheaffer? Sasha Pieterse's Fiancé Loves The 'Pretty Little Liars' Star As Much As We Do

It's a happy day for Pretty Little Liars fans, because Sasha Pieterse, who plays mean girl Alison DeLaurentis on the show, just got engaged to her boyfriend! Hurray, congratulations! So who is Hudson Sheaffer, anyway? He's a normal, meaning that he isn't famous — at least not yet! — and we haven't gotten the opportunity to get to know him on the show like we have with Pieterse, so we have to do a little digging. But that shouldn't be too hard, because Sheaffer has an active social media presence and appears in a ton of Pieterse's photos as well, so we're all about to get a crash course in Pieterse's new fiancé. Think of it like speed-dating! Except it's platonic. And it's only one guy. And there's no real time limit. So, honestly, nothing like speed-dating.

From all of this below, I can tell you that he seems like a sweet guy who cares about Sasha Pieterse a lot, and I'm hopeful that the two will be very happy together. And you know who else will be happy? Troian Bellisario, who isn't the only engaged person on the PLL set anymore, so she'll have someone to wedding plan with while she's at work. Here's everything to know about Sasha Pieterse's new fiancé, Hudson Sheaffer.

1. He's Eight Years Older Than His Fiancée

Currently, Pieterse is 19, and Sheaffer is 27, which is a pretty significant age gap, but one that doesn't seem to get in their way as a couple.

2. And Taller Too

Screw the age difference, check out this height difference.

3. They've Been Together For Over Three Years

There's no exact timeline out there for how long Pieterse and Sheaffer have been together, but they started appearing in each other's Instagram posts a little over three years ago, in October 2012, so let's go with that.

4. And Their Engagement Has Been In The Works For A Few Months Now

Pieterse caught the bouquet at the wedding of a friend back in April 2015, and we all know what that means. Really, it was only a matter of time before she got engaged.

5. Sheaffer Has Done Work On Camera As Well As Behind The Scenes

His IMDb page lists a couple acting credits, as well as a stunt credit and a stint in the art department.

6. But Writing Is His True Passion

At least according to his Instagram.

7. He Proposed Outdoors

Ugh, so beautiful! I'm jealous.

8. He Loves Disneyland

There are a ton of photos and videos on his and Pieterse's feed of the two of them at the theme park, so they both seem to be big fans.

9. He Has Two Dogs

And actually, Sheaffer and Pieterse own them togethe.! They're Great Danes, and their names are Lady and Levi. So adorable.

10. He's Obsessed With His Fiancée

And finally, the last thing you need to know about Hudson Sheaffer is that he's absolutely obsessed with Sasha Pieterse. Pretty much every other photo is of his new fiancée looking adorable, and it's obvious that he loves her just as much as we do.

So congratulations to the happy couple! Enjoy your engagement, and I'm sure we'll see you happily walking down the aisle soon.