How Long Have Sasha & Her Fiance Been Together?

On Pretty Little Liars, Alison DiLaurentis tends to keep her relationships a secret. Excluding Lorenzo, Ali only refers to the guys she's dated by nicknames, whether Beach Hottie or Board Shorts. (Side note: Who is Beach Hottie?! Fans still don't know.) But in real life, actor Sasha Pieterse is very open about her relationship — and it's absolutely adorable. On Tuesday, Pieterse got engaged to longtime boyfriend Hudson Sheaffer. It's hard not to be happy for the PLL star, who seems like a sweetheart in real life, despite the mean girl she plays on TV. She and Sheaffer have been together forever — or so it seems. So, how long exactly have these two been dating? It turns out it's been several years now.

Despite my in-depth Google searches, there's no actual timeline of how long these two have been together. Instead, I took to Instagram and browsed Pieterse's photos. Fans who follow the 19-year-old know that her new fiancé frequently stars in her selfies. Whether posing with their Christmas tree or going on roadtrips trips, they're always together. The pair even has two dogs together and refers to themselves as a "family." Based on my digging, Sheaffer began making appearances three years ago, so I'd guesstimate that they've been together at least three years now. Granted, appearing in photos together doesn't confirm that's when they began dating, but they did look snuggled up and coupley. Plus, given the 8-year age difference between them, maybe they kept their relationship under-wraps in the earlier stages.

Since these two really do have quite a history together, here's a round-up of Pieterse and Sheaffer's sweetest moments over the years.

1. The Proposal

After he proposed on Tuesday, Sheaffer posted the cutest tweet. Try your best not to swoon!

2. Roadtrips

Sure, Pieterse and Sheaffer are cute, but do you see that dog?

3. Sporting Events

Here they are again, posing at a basketball game. The caption is the best part.

4. Holidays

They look incredibly happy in front of their "Thanksgiving tree."

5. Vacation

These two are the king and queen of sweet selfies.

6. Set Visits

How adorable is this shot of Sheaffer visiting Pieterse on the PLL set?

7. House Decorating

They make even the most mundane tasks, like painting a house, seem romantic.

8. Throwback

Here's the aforementioned photo with a time stamp from three years ago. This wintery snapshot is the cutest.

Congrats to the adorable couple! Wishing them many more years of happiness ahead.