Will Ariana Grande x Lipsy Be Multi-Seasonal?

How much fashion is in her future? The Spring 2016 Ariana Grande x Lipsy London collection is shoppable in just a week on March 2. Lipsy as a UK retailer and brand, but the singer's U.S. fans can still purchase their favorite pieces online. There are 20 items, including daywear, prom, and party options, in the clothing range, along with over 30 Grande-designed jewlery options in the Spring 2016 collection. Expect a lot of Grande-approved, fit 'n' flare, feminine looks that are cute, affordable, and that have complimentary accessories. Fans can possibly build their entire prom look in one fell swoop. But is the Ariana Grande x Lipsy London collection a one-off? Or will it be multi-seasonal?

It will actually be more than one season. According to the press release posted on Grande's site, a Summer 2016 range will launch in May while the singer is in the UK. Perhaps she will be in town doing promotion for her next album or maybe she the singer will be expressly heading across the pond to pimp her Lipsy collabo.

Whatever the case, we know that the Ariana Grande x Lipsy fashion partnership will last for at least two seasons/collections and has so much room to grow.


Maybe Grande and the brand/retailer are already planning Fall and Winter collections but don't want to release that info yet. It could be a 2016-only partnership, as well.

Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Or maybe the powers-that-be at Lipsy want to see how well the Spring and Summer 2016 collections perform before commissioning another round or year. #Wait&See

Based on the adorbs white dress Grande wears on the cover of Look, along with the revealed details, Ariana Grande x Lipsy London is so set up for success. The collabo has unlimited potential that could force it to expand and continue. #WishHopeDream

I have only seen one piece and I am already drooling. The debut collection will boast fashion silhouettes, trendy pieces, and staples. In the press release, Grande said, "It's so great getting to collaborate with Lipsy to do something special for my fans. The line is youthful, affordable and I know my fans will love it."

Let's hope Ariana x Lipsy does well so this collabo can be expanded or that a U.S.-based brand or retailer can take notice and team up with Grande on her home turf, leading to an international fashion empire, since Grande's aesthetic is universal and relatable. I can dream, can't I?

Images: Lipsy London/Instagram (1)