'Seinfeld' Reunion Happens In Super Bowl Ad & Livens Up an Otherwise Boring Game — VIDEO

That Seinfeld reunion we've been hearing so much about? It just happened. After Jerry Seinfeld said that he and his sitcom buddies were planning on getting back together "very soon" for something big, we hypothesized that the gang would reunite when Jimmy Fallon took over at the Tonight Show, and while that may still be the case, it looks like Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander had more imminent plans. There was a Seinfeld reunion Super Bowl ad that aired right after the break for halftime and for fans, it hit all the right notes.

The spot featured Seinfeld and George Costanza enjoying a cup of coffee at Tom's Restaurant, as they do, arguing about a Super Bowl party that Jerry was invited to, and George was not. Turns out, at their friend's party last year, George couldn't contain his bowel movements, which consequently led to his invitation getting lost in this year's mail.

As the two old friends decide that Jerry is going to watch the second half at their friend's house without George, in walks Newman. HELLO, NEWMAN. He's off to said party with bakery box in hand (think there were black and white cookies inside? perhaps a marble rye?) and then Jerry ultimately decides to stay in the booth with George, and forgo the party.

It's funnier than it sounds, okay?

Last week, outlets reported that the Seinfeld reunion was not going to be for a Super Bowl ad, but how wrong they were. Sure, Elaine wasn't there nor was Kramer, but this definitely qualifies as a reunion. That said, that ad wasn't, unfortunately, for a Seinfeld movie (could you imagine?) but was instead for Jerry Seinfeld's series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

It was great to see our old friends spice things up during a pretty boring football game, even without the other half of the foursome. Watch the Seinfeld Super Bowl ad here:


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