Mindy Kaling's Red Carpet Prep Is So Relatable

by Sienna Fantozzi

There's nothing better than celebrities keeping it real. We place them on such a high pedestal that it's always refreshing to have them remind us that they're real people, too, and not everything about them is totally glamorous. If we can count on any star to do that, it's definitely Mindy Kaling, who Instagrammed herself in Spanx, according to The Daily Mail, and made us all love her a billion times more.

The actor attended the 18th Costume Designers Guild Awards in Beverly Hills on Tuesday, but before she took to the red carpet in her stunning Salvador Perez gown, Kaling shared a snap of her red carpet prep on Instagram. And it's definitely not as glamorous as I was envisioning.

The picture shows The Mindy Project star wearing a pair of Spanx while applying deodorant. I mean, yeah, we all know stars get their hair and makeup done, but they also have to go through the nitty gritty grosser stuff like we all do. Props to Kaling for showing us this way more relatable side.

She captioned the post, "Awards Show prep. America's sweetheart," which was obviously meant as a joke, but in all seriousness, she totally is. This is a side of celebrities I wish we saw a lot more of.

This, right here, is all of us. And this is a few hours later:

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Flawless. But it's even more so thanks to that behind-the-scenes look.

Check out these seven other times Mindy Kaling kept it real on Instagram, because she's seriously the most down-to-earth star.

1. Getting Highlights

Showing off the not-so-glamorous side of beauty maintenance.

2. Making Fun Of Herself

You won't find picture-perfect snaps on Kaling's Instagram. She totally loves to make fun of herself, like her hysterical comparison to dressing like Charlemagne.

3. Behind-The-Nude-Scene

So that's how she films nude scenes.

4. Getting Her Makeup Done

There's nothing fancy about a hotel bathroom.

5. Debating Fashion Decisions

The struggle is real.

6. Makeup-Free Selfies

And she even collaged it for us for the comparison.

7. Zit Cream

I don't care what anyone says, zits do not stop when you exit puberty. Thank you, Mindy Kaling!