Your Fave 'GG' Boyfriend Says So Much About You

With filming for the Netflix revival well underway, it won't be long before you return to Stars Hollow to bask in the small town charm, the Gilmore gals beautiful mother/daughter relationship, and the swoonworthy romance. With love stories like Luke and Lorelai's and Jess and Rory's, it was almost impossible to watch Gilmore Girls without falling for one of the Gilmore Girls boyfriends. I'm not just talking about Lorelai and Rory's beaus though — Lane, Paris, and Sookie all dated their share of interesting guys too. (Is there anyone out there who didn't love Dave Rygalski?) And, just like your taste in frozen yogurt flavors and music, your favorite Gilmore Girls boyfriend can tell you a lot about who you are as a person, and maybe even a little about what you look for in a partner.

Think about it, Zach and Jess are very different people, so it tracks that their fans would be different as well. Whether you had a thing for bad boys, earnest music-lovers, or eccentric lawyers, Gilmore Girls delivered a wide array of eligible bachelors just waiting to steal your hearts in the '00s. Find your favorite fellow below and you might just discover why you were so drawn to your Gilmore guy of choice.

Luke Danes

You don't have time for games, too much flash, or big city life. You are a big fan of stability and comfort. There is nothing better than knowing someone will always be there for you. In your eyes, loyalty, kindness, and a strong work ethic will always be more attractive than a sharp suit.

Dave Rygalski

How are you so cool? You know all the best bands, the most offbeat restaurants, and you read The Watchmen way before it was a movie. Despite all of this, you also happen to be self-deprecating and adorably genuine, and you just want to find someone who will have serious pop culture conversations with you for the rest of your life.

Logan Huntzberger

You look for adventure every single day. As far as you are concerned, life is meant to be savored. You enjoy good food, good wine, and a good game of cards. When it comes to romance, you want someone who can keep up with you and challenge you more than anything else.

Doyle McMaster

A voracious reader with an intellectual side, you are definitely an old soul. Just because you are mature and career-focused doesn't mean you don't love to have a good time, though. You can be just as happy dancing as you are playing Scrabble. If you are ever going to settle down, it will only be for a person who is as dynamic as you are.

Max Medina

You are the ultimate romantic. You've read all of Jane Austen's novels at least twice, and you definitely have some artistic aspirations of your own. Emotional and deeply empathetic, you are a wonderful friend. While your heart is easily broken that will never stop you from putting it on the line.

Jackson Belleville

When you are passionate about something, you let the world know. Whether it's politics or vegetables, you likely have a strong opinion on the subject. While you can rant with the best of them, you are actually a total softie with lots of love to give. Your ideal partner is someone who can be just as passionate as you are, but who can also balance you out.

Dean Forester

Earnest and loving, you yearn for the simple things in life: a happy home, a good partner, and a job you actually like doing. Sometimes you can be a little naïve about the way the world works, but nothing and no one will ever stop you from thinking the best of everyone you meet.

Zack Van Gerbig

You are super laid back. Seriously, your level of chill is a thing of beauty — you just go with whatever life throws at you without complaining. Settling down isn't something you see yourself doing, but if someone wants to hang with you for awhile, they have to respect your zen attitude.

Christopher Hayden

Thanks to your sense of humor and natural charisma, people always want to be around you. While you still have a lot of growing up to do, you truly are a wonderful person. Sure, you make mistakes, but you also work hard to make up for them. You need someone in your life who will be patient with you, and who can also tell a killer joke.


You are super ambitious. Way more ambitious than your average person. While your life is basically one long to-do list — and you like it that way — you wouldn't mind letting an equally driven person into your life. If they share your life philosophy and appreciate you for who you are, then they might just be a keeper.

Jason Stiles

You are eccentric and you know it. You embrace your quirks and even joke about them. It's not always easy for you to connect with other people, though, so when you do let someone in they are definitely special.

Jess Mariano

Just because you pride yourself on following the rules does not mean you can't appreciate someone who does whatever they want. In fact, you love being around people who push you out of your comfort zone. Someone with your smarts needs to surround themselves with people who surprise them at every turn. If they constantly carry a book in their back pocket, all the better.

See, your favorite Gilmore boyfriend really is a window into your taste in fictional men.

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