Kesha Releases Lengthy Facebook Statement Thanking Fans For Their Support Following Dr. Luke Ruling

On Tuesday, Kesha released a short note on Instagram thanking fans for all of the support she's received regarding the outcome of her injunction request. On Friday, Feb. 19, a New York-based judge ruled that Kesha cannot break her contract with Sony, a record label with which she worked with producer Dr. Luke (real name: Lukasz Gottwald). In her post, she promised another statement was on its way. Well, on Wednesday, Kesha released a full-length statement on Facebook.

In October 2014, Kesha accused Gottwald of raping her when she was 18 years old and sexually abusing her. Gottwald has repeatedly denied these accusations and has countersued Kesha for defamation.

The singer's Facebook statement begins:

She then goes onto to discuss why she hoped to break her record contract with Gottwald. She claims it was never about "renegotiation of [her] record contract — it was never about getting a bigger, or a better deal ... This is about being free from my abuser. I would be willing to work with Sony if they do the right thing and break all ties that bind me to my abuser."

Kesha also notes that there is a much bigger issue at hand. She writes,

That said, Kesha does want to give other people hope when it comes to standing up for themselves and speaking out. She concludes her post,

In addition to Dr. Luke speaking out on Twitter where he defended himself against Kesha's allegations once more and spoke out regarding the court's ruling, his attorney Christine Lepera released a statement to Rolling Stone , which reads in part:

The New York County Supreme Court on Friday found that Kesha is already "free" to record and release music without working with Dr. Luke as a producer if she doesn’t want to. Any claim that she isn’t "free" is a myth. The sound decision Friday by the Court in denying Kesha's motion for an injunction made it clear Kesha's allegations of purported abuse were unconvincing and that she had no basis to void record contracts and copyrights… The goal of Kesha's counsel throughout has been to obtain a more lucrative contract through a shameless campaign of outrageous claims they will never stand behind in a court of law.

Kesha's lawyer, Mark Geragos, released this statement to Billboard in October 2014:

Sony and Kemosabe Records, Dr. Luke's label which is housed under Sony, told the judge presiding on Friday that Kesha's claims are "transparent and misguided attempt to renegotiate her contracts," according to The Hollywood Reporter.