Rihanna's "Work" Is Actually Really Deep

Any collaboration between Rihanna and Drake was going to be special, and "Work" certainly does not disappoint. The only thing better than listening to the song is seeing the pair perform it together, which they did at the BRIT Awards to the delight of fans everywhere. Rihanna and Drake are both legendary, and, even if they'd sung a shopping list out loud, it would've been awesome as far as I'm concerned. Instead, "Work" isn't only catchy-as-hell, but the lyrics throw up all sorts of questions. Do any of the "Work" lyrics have a double meaning? Is there more to the song than meets the eye?

Both Rihanna and Drake aren't strangers to controversy, which is why it's interesting to analyze the "Work" lyrics, to find out if there are any hidden meanings secreted away. Sure, most of the song seems straightforward, but are there any lines that could be interpreted in more than one way? Lucky for you, I've gone over the song lyrics with a fine-tooth comb to try and figure out exactly what is going on. While I don't profess to know everything that's happening in "Work", these are my cray guesses as to what Drake and Rihanna could be hinting at, aside from the obvious.

1. "No Badda Text Me In A Crisis"

Is Rihanna saying not to text her in crisis because this guy always has an overdramatic crisis going on, or is she telling him not to text her in a crisis because she hasn't got time for him? And is it reverse psychology and she actually does want him to text her if there's a crisis — but only then? Or some combination of all three?

2. "You Took My Heart And My Keys And My Patience"

The addition of keys in this line hints at something more concrete, referencing a relationship that's moved to the next level and includes moving in together. But the line could be more literal, perhaps meaning that the other person actually took her keys without asking. Either way, this is definitely about a union turned sour.

3. "You Took My Heart On My Sleeve For Decoration"

This line might be about somebody taking for granted the love a person is giving. Or it could be that Rihanna was wearing one of those cute knitted jumpers with a heart design on the sleeve, and Drake didn't appreciate it?

4. "I Mean Who Am I To Hold Your Past Against You?"

Has the speaker done something majorly wrong, or are they just trying to make the other person feel better?

5. "When I See Potential I Just Gotta See It Through"

In business, this would be a very boss-like attitude to have. But, as the song is pretty sexual, it could mean relationship potential or lust.

6. "If You Had A Twin, I Would Still Choose You"

It's hardly the highest form of praise a person can make, that if there was an identical person alive, they'd still choose you. If it's meant to be romance, it's not working. But maybe it's meant to be an insult?

7. "I Spilled All My Emotions Tonight, I'm Sorry"

Does this mean I'm sorry that I embarrassed myself, or I literally have no emotions left to give you?

8. "You Spent Some Time Away"

Where did they go? Did they go on holiday, or take a break from the relationship? Time away could mean an enforced time out, or a trip.

9. "I Don't Want To Rush Into It If It's Too Soon"

This clearly means the speaker both doesn't want to rush into anything, but does at the very same time. That's how we all feel about relationships, right?

Basically, the "Work" lyrics give us all a lot to think about. But, most of all, the song is just amaze.

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